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Boost your Instagram engagement: The three best sites to buy Instagram followers in 2021

by Uday Tank
14th Apr 21 9:48 am

Social media has wholly dominated marketing in today’s world, making it easier to promote services globally. Professional marketers believe that unlike the traditional way business owners promote their services, this modernised means offers a larger audience for marketing. This is something that junior marketers can take on board as they build their careers.

Generally, there are two primary ways to get many followers and engagement: organic and buying methods. Only one of these methods yields quick results, and it’s NOT organic growth.

Either method of growing your engagement is acceptable on Instagram; however, some persons tend to breach this trust. While many people buy Instagram followers to boost their account’s engagement, some end up purchasing bots instead of real accounts – and Instagram frowns on this act.

For Instagram account boosting (followers and engagements), several sites can help individuals and corporate bodies achieve their social media marketing goals and help buy Instagram followers. This post will explain why people boost their engagement, why the follower’s quality matters, and the top 3 sites to improve Instagram accounts.

Why do people buy followers on Instagram?

The Instagram network has provided a new form of engagement. Since this social platform became popularized, one significant matter that bugs new users’ hearts was (and is) the number of followers.

The followers count on Instagram is an indicator of popularity on the platform. Many companies wanting to advertise their services through an influencer will always choose accounts having a higher number of followers.

The talk of buying followers on Instagram became rampant the moment this platform became a raging sensation globally. And till today, it remains an ongoing activity. The reason people buy followers primarily centers around the perceived fame and interaction levels it brings.

Other times, people purchase Instagram followers because it is an easier way of gaining numbers swiftly. Imagine spending months (or years) trying to groom an account that you can grow within hours.

Most persons buy followers on Instagram to build a solid foundation (even for a new account). In all honesty, it is more challenging to grow and attract people to your content with only a few tens or hundreds of followers. But, when you have purchased followers reaching over a thousand, there is every possibility to grow bigger.

Finally, people buy followers on Instagram on the grounds of wanting to become influencers. Social media influencing has grown in recent times into a money-making scheme globally.

Brands and companies with lesser followers pay these influencers to promote whatever service they might be offering. The monetary gain to large followers causes most persons to boost their accounts.

Why followers quality matters

Think of it this way; for instance, you stumble on a hundred thousand followers in an Instagram account with only a few hundreds of likes and views – it clearly shows fake followers. Fake followers can damage your account; this is why you must buy from reputable sites.

Your followers’ quality matters because real accounts help improve your Instagram page, unlike the fake ones. How they do this is by;

Bringing results

Real followers help to grow your account with constant engagements – which fake profiles can’t achieve. Additionally, you can gain free advertisement with Real followers. How you may ask – if your contents are worth the time, some followers will tell their friends about your account, thereby you gaining.

Increase engagement

Fake or inactive accounts cannot engage your posts – they just can’t. Real followers actively make comments, give likes, and use your hashtags which boosts your Instagram engagement effectively. It is almost impossible to see fake accounts or bots performing these activities.

Instagram removes fake followers

You might think you have gotten away with using bots to boost your account – think again. Instagram values its platform’s integrity and will do whatever it takes to remove fake profiles on its system. Once the platform identifies a series of fake followers through their regular check-ups, they terminate such accounts. Other times, yours might get penalised through suspensions.

Organic Vs. packaged followers, which to choose

Organic followers are real accounts that genuinely follow you because you post contents they want to see. These are the best kind of followers to own for your brand because they will engage the most.

Packaged followers are types of purchased followers; they could be real, fake, inactive accounts, or bots. These kinds of followers are great for increasing your engagement quickly; however, you will have to pay for them.

The obvious and best pick is the organic followers; however, to attain a follower count, you will have to work and post what will attract them – meaning it takes a longer time. But, packaged followers are very easy to attain; the downside is that they can be costly and soon after flagged by Instagram for removal.

If you need instant engagement, packaged followers are the right choice. However, if you want accounts that will last till the end, organic followers are the best.

Let’s take a look at the best three sites selling Instagram followers and likes.

1. Twicsy

Twicsy is an Instagram enhancing agency that boosts the number of followers in an account and increases engagement. Many famous accounts buy Instagram likes and followers from Twicsy because of its reliability in providing real and active profiles.

Twicsy delivers its services within 24hours to accounts needing boosting – building on its reputation. You can be sure of guaranteed followers with Twicsy, and they offer a refund policy for unsatisfied customers.

2. Buzzoid

Users buy Instagram followers from Buzzoid for two primary reasons; delivery of real active followers and speedy services. Depending on your budget, you can purchase many followers you want Buzzoid to supply your Instagram account.

Buzzoid is famous for its speedy account boosting services and the authentic engagement it creates. You get assured of consistent engagement with each post you make with Buzzoid.

3. iDigic

iDigic works by using a modern approach to solving your Instagram profile with low followers and likes. iDigic grows any Instagram account by supplying its customers with real and active followers – thereby increasing your page’s engagement.

For the right payment plan, iDigic packages different numbers of followers for its customers. As a plus, your account gets grown within 24hours of ordering.


For new or old Instagram accounts needing a solid foundation of large followers to grow their brand, you are in luck. You can effectively use any of the sites mentioned above to boost your Instagram followers and engagements. However, ensure you select a package that suits your budget and branding choice.

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