BBC and Sky News presenters mistakenly calls Jeremy Hunt a C*** on live TV


Another gaffe

A BBC journalist, Ellie Price stumbled over her words and called Jeremy Hunt a C*** on live TV whilst discussing whether or not the prime minister, Theresa May is to keep Hunt on as health secretary, to which she has.

Price said on live TV whilst doing a breaking news piece on the cabinet reshuffle: “Yeah, we’re waiting to hear from Jeremy c***, Jeremy Hunt.”

Warninig: Explicit and unintentinal language have been used in these two clips.

People who were watching posted their reaction on Twitter, one person wrote: “right the first time”. Another Twitter user wrote: “It happened again. This was no accident!”

Sky News has also made the freudian slip in this clip that was posted on Twitter:

Hunt has come under fire over the last year or so over changes to junior doctor contracts and his handling of the NHS.