Battersea Power Station’s chimneys are coming down. We look at the power station through the ages


Battersea Power Station is being torn down. The iconic art-deco structure with its four colossal chimneys has dominated the skyline of west London for almost a century, but its reign is coming to an end, albeit temporarily.

Yes, deconstruction work has begun on the first chimney as the brick-beast gets a major overhaul. It’s being turned into swanky flats and a mixed use urban space.


The developers have decided the chimneys aren’t safe in their current state, so they’re taking them down and rebuilding identical replicas to maintain the power station’s iconic look.

It also remains the largest brick building in Europe.

At LondonlovesBusiness.com we just can’t get enough of Battersea Power Station. So here are some pretty terrific photographs of the amazing structure, from when it was first built, to when it closed, and some of the failed designs that never made it as well as the final designs we can expect to see in the future. Enjoy!

Battersea Power Station in 1934

Battersea Power Station in 1934, shortly after it went into operation. The second half of the structure was only added in the 1950s.

Battersea Power station 1960s

Here it is casting its reflection in the Thames in the 1960s now with all four chimneys.


Battersea Power Station pink floyd cover

The power station cemented its position as a cultural icon after it was used on the cover of progressive rock group Pink Floyd’s 1977 album Animals.


Battersea Power Station before it stopped functioning

Battersea Power Station shortly before operations ceased in the 1980s.


Battersea Power Station in the snow

Ahh, and here’s the power station in the snow in 2007.

Battersea Power Station Rollercoaster

Battersea Power Station Rollercoaster

Plans by the owners of Alton Towers to turn it into a theme park fell through in the 1980s. Here’s how it may have looked.


Battersea Power Station Chelsea stadium. Image via Twitter

Battersea Power Station Chelsea stadium. Image via Twitter

Chelsea football club also expressed an interest in incorporating the power station into stadium designs.


The future

Here are photographs of the new Battersea Power Station show rooms that have already been built. For the full story, click here.

Battersea Power Station flat 2

Battersea Power Station flat 3

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