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Apple not protecting "exhausted workforce" at Chinese factory

by LLB Editor
19th Dec 14 9:26 am

A BBC investigation for Panorama finds

Working over 60 hours a week, not being allowed to take holidays, and long night shifts – such are the working conditions inside the Chinese factory making Apple products.

An undercover investigation, where BBC reporters got jobs at the Pegatron factory in China, found that some exhausted Apple employees slept at their desks while others were denied holiday and had to work for 18 consecutive days.

A reporter, who worked for 16 hours, told the BBC: “Every time I got back to the dormitories, I wouldn’t want to move.

“Even if I was hungry I wouldn’t want to get up to eat. I just wanted to lie down and rest.

“I was unable to sleep at night because of the stress.”

The workers went on to say that they weren’t given a choice about working overtime.

In 2010, 14 workers at Foxconn, Apple’s biggest supplier, committed suicide.

This led to Apple setting up stringent health and safety standards for employees

However, the investigation found that workers regularly worked more hours than they were required too.

Also, most standards on ID cards, meeetings and juvenile workers were not met.

In response to the programme, Apple told the BBC: “We are aware of no other company doing as much as Apple to ensure fair and safe working conditions.

“We work with suppliers to address shortfalls, and we see continuous and significant improvement, but we know our work is never done.”

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