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All you need to know about free unlimited VPN

by John Saunders
26th Jul 21 12:53 pm

An “unlimited free VPN” is an ambiguous term. As a result, most users wonder what it is all about. Generally, a VPN involves several things that may range from data to servers and other features. So, you are likely to wonder what unlimited features a VPN service may have on offer for you after hearing about the term.

Also, you might wonder if such a free VPN service exists in the first place. Why? Though most providers claim that their VPN services are free and unlimited, they are actually not free. A provider may not demand an upfront fee from you for using their service, but they have other ways to compensate for it.

They primarily share the data of customers for their revenue generation. It is crucial as they need it to sustain the infrastructure necessary to provide you with top-quality VPN services.

As for the “unlimited” component of their free service, you need to find out the aspects it entails to determine its usefulness. Read on to know more about what a free unlimited VPN is and if it exists.

What is a free unlimited VPN

The term unlimited VPN suggests that it is a service that involves one or more elements. Speaking of VPN elements, it entails a wide range of aspects. As a result, you may find it tricky to understand what unlimited aspects a free VPN has on offer.

Thus, you need to identify your priorities. If you need to enjoy streaming, you need a streaming VPN. You will need a gaming VPN for an invaluable gaming experience for several reasons, which also include overcoming geo-restrictions.

Because they are free, the majority of the features of these VPN services have limitations. You will usually find the majority of their features have a cap. The list of such services also includes servers that may be limited to select locations.

In case you choose such a free VPN service, make certain that it covers the location of your choice. The lack of this feature can defeat your purpose of looking for a VPN. Imagine playing a game with a VPN that does not cover the location that you want it to cover. You wouldn’t be able to bypass the geo-restrictions of the providers to enjoy your gaming experience.

Likewise, you will not be able to stream your favourite channels or programs if you choose such a VPN service provider.

Does it exist

Now that the demand for VPN has jumped the 40% mark due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you might want to know whether a free unlimited VPN service exists.

Irrespective of what the providers of free VPN services claim, the fact remains that no provider offers those services free of cost to you. They need to build an infrastructure with which they can provide you with the best VPN services. To build such an infrastructure and support it in the long run, VPN providers need to generate revenue.

That said, how do the providers of free VPN services generate their revenue? They use the data of customers for this purpose. They log user activities of all sessions in their records and sell the data concerning it to third parties. This explains why you don’t find a free unlimited VPN service with a no-logging policy.

Even as you allow free VPN providers to make money by selling your logging data, you cannot anticipate a full spectrum of services from them. By comparing the nature of services of both free and paid options, you are likely to find many differences.

Therefore, you would be better off comparing the positives and downsides of both options. On average, you are likely to find the paid option to be better and feature-rich on several fronts as it comes at a cost.

If you still wish to go ahead with a free VPN service, you need to know its limitations. Also, match the features of the service with your needs. This way, you will come to know if you are making the right choice before you start using its services.

To identify the best VPNs for Windows and other platforms that are free of cost, you need to spend some time doing your research.


To sum up, a free VPN service that comes with unlimited features can excite almost everyone. Now that more and more people are turning to the Internet due to the pandemic, the spotlight on free VPN services is more than ever before.

Because different VPN service providers offer different features, you need to identify your priorities to make an informed choice. This way, you can determine the appropriateness of decision on the choice of a VPN service that you wish to use free of cost.

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