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Affiliate marketing conference: The value of niche domains

by LLB Reporter
28th Mar 23 11:05 am

On March 1–2, 2023, the Affiliate World Dubai conference took place in Dubai, UAE, bringing together leading affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. This year, the event attracted over 5,000 participants from 110 countries. More than 200 agencies, affiliates, and advertising networks showcased their services at the exhibition held alongside the conference. Live speaker presentations on innovations in affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and digital agency operations generated significant interest.

One of the most memorable presentations was by Munir Badr, a web presence expansion expert and CEO of AEserver, as well as an Advisor at It.com. It.com (United Kingdom), a bronze sponsor of the conference, offers its clients new opportunities by providing a virtually unlimited set of premium domain names to help strengthen brand presence and reputation in the market. In his presentation, Munir discussed trends and forecasts in the global domain market, explaining the importance of alternative domains and how to target specific audiences using domain extensions with examples from «it.com» domains. The speaker shared the results of an internal study on niche domains used in Google Ads campaigns, detailing how niche domain usage saves advertising costs and increases its effectiveness.

«Worldwide, 350 million domains are registered, with 33,000 domain names registered daily. On average, there is one domain for every 22 people,» Munir shared the statistics. «The top five websites globally are registered in the.com zone, such as Amazon, Apple, and Google, accounting for 90% of traffic and 75% of all sales.» The It.com representative also highlighted that today, security is one of the most important criteria for internet users, who are reluctant to use websites with unknown domains. However, according to the expert, the.com zone is almost exhausted, with most names already taken and new companies finding it increasingly difficult to choose new ones — that’s why.it.com may be a good alternative. Firstly, it’s a convenient niche domain for companies in the information technology (IT) sector. Secondly, it can serve as a geographical indicator of a company’s location (this advantage can be used by companies registered in Italy). Additionally, it can attract internet users’ attention by creating catchy call-to-action domains, such as get.it.com, buy.it.com, etc.

E-commerce marketers and entrepreneurs will meet again on July 12–13, 2023, in Barcelona, Spain, at the Affiliate World Europe conference.

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