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Russian separatists in Luhansk stage mutiny telling Putin ‘we’re not going anywhere else you can f****** shoot us’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
10th Sep 22 3:51 pm

Vladimir Putin’s separatists from the Russian backed Luhansk province are staging mutiny and are refusing to fight and dropped their weapons.

The Russian back Ukrainian separatists are staging defiance to the Kremlin and Putin be refusing fight outside the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), including in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

Footage shows that they are moaning over conditions pay and poor equipment and they told a Russian commander “we’re not going anywhere else you can f****** shoot us.”

A furious soldier shouted at his commander, “The officership have all been f****** looters since day one. “They brought things here by truck. Who are you? Capitan from Luhansk?

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“You didn’t know that?! The truck used to come here with the appliances!

“And we haven’t had a vacation not once in seven months!”

The Luhansk soldier blew his top and shouted, “[Unclear] should be shot. All of them from the combats… [unclear] … How many new cars the f****** brought here.

“Look what we drive.

“Why aren’t you driving that? Let’s go get yourself Lanos. F****** wiseacre!”

The Luhansk soldiers shouted at the Russian commander, “We’re not going anywhere else. You can f****** shoot us.

“Call the prosecutor’s office in Russia.

“Call them and let them come. Let them come. We won’t move from here.”

The Russian military blogger “Moscow Calling” warned that Putin and the Kremlin are seeing the inevitable final, the defeat of the Russian Federation” is “just a matter of time.”

In the northeast on the Kharkiv front line the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) have delivered a powerful counterattack against Russian troops and they have been “surrounded.”

Ukrainian forces are also now within striking distance of Izyum where there are thousands of Russian troops are holed up.

President Volodymyr Zelensky’s troops have now reached the Oskil river as Senkove and they have now cut of Russia’s main line of communication with forces based in Izyum.

Thousands of Russian troops are now trapped and Putin could lose an entire army group of troops meaning Ukrainian forces could win the Donbas which has rocked the foundations of the Kremlin.

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