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A deeper look into publishing applications

8th May 18 2:01 pm

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Though Mac computers are the best devices for image editing and graphic design at large, in very deed, you can’t do without a worthy software product. Millions of modern professionals in the area of graphic design consider Mac computers to be the best platform for designing. Besides, having chosen the best program, one can create any kind of artwork with ease. 

In sober fact, you shouldn’t be a professional designer in order to create simple booklets or brochures. In some instances, your employer may ask you to develop simple marketing materials as quickly as possible. You have no time to employ the services of professional designers, what would you do? In the actual circumstances, you can install a top-quality desktop publishing program on your Mac and develop a mockup model by yourself. 

We’ll examine how to do this in the context of using Swift Publisher 

The Functionality of Swift Publisher 

You can find an enormous number of publishing applications in the App store and can prefer the one you like most of all. We chose Swift Publisher because this software product has a number of positive aspects and super powerful features, allowing people who are far from design patterns to create booklets or flyers quickly. 

Swift Publisher is a worthy page layout application, developed specifically for the needs of Mac users. The primary purpose of this application is to provide its users with all features which can guarantee a stable work. Documents which look as if they were made by professionals or bright flyers, informative newsletters or amazing posters – all this can be designed within this application. You shouldn’t spend a plenty of time to understand how this particular application runs. Clear and non-cluttered interface, a wide array of options and accessibility are the main aspects which can help translate your ideas into action. 

If you are one of those users, who used to deal with pre-designed templates only (you don’t like racking your brains over the design of one or another doc), you’ll find an awful lot of ready templates in the app, which will simplify your work. There are more than 300 templates which can cater to the needs of different document types. A broad selection of pamphlets, facing pages or lookbooks will help you organize your thoughts and develop a high-quality product. 

Other Useful Features of Swift Publisher 

Except for pre-designed templates, this application has an extensive library of clipart images (more than 2,000). If none of these images meet your requirements, you can pay $9.99 and obtain 40,000 images. Commonly, this pack is necessary for those who deal with this work on a rolling basis and need an extensive library. 

If necessary, you can select one of 2D or 3D heading presets. They will help change the look of your standard and maybe boring document. 

In some instances, you face the necessity to deal with two-page spreads (especially when the information is too broad and you wish to design a bigger flyer). In this scenario, you can also rely on the functionality of Swift publisher. It allows you to deal with this format and make adjustments in two pages simultaneously. This format is especially convenient if your work is related to the development of newspapers or magazines. 

Swift is also overloaded with a variety of drawing instruments, shadows, gradient filters and other interesting tools. Otherwise stated, there is a variety of different design solutions. If the design of your pamphlet or flyer needs to be informative, you can use the “Flowing Text Boxes” feature, which is extremely useful for those who deal with multi-column layouts. An extensive variety of layout columns allows you to receive a full control over your layout and streamline the work with guides. 

There is a free trial version, which can help you check the functionality of the application and render a decision whether you need this tool or you should prefer some other options. The modern market has a broad variety of apps with similar functionality and it doesn’t mean that if you need to create marketing materials, you should be aware of the Photoshop tips. 

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