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7 Tips on how to humanise your brand

19th Apr 18 11:38 am

An imortant message

We all have one thing in common, and that’s that we are all human.  This is what you need to take into consideration when we are creating and developing your brand.  Being able to humanise your brand and its message is key to generating leads and conversions.  People like working with companies and people that they relate to, so finding a way to connect with them is key.  Below we have covered some advice as to how you can do this.

Create a good company culture

If you have a good company culture, this in itself will be great marketing material.  If your employees are happy in their place of work – the word will spread.  They will become advocates of your company which is fantastic for your marketing strategy.  If you and your team do something for charity, have a good planning day meeting, or even go out for lunch on a Friday afternoon – post about it on social media.  It will give the chance to allow people to relate to your company.  When prospective customers see how good it is to work for your company, they will trust you professionally. 

Your tone should be personable and engaging

Although it is important to have people view you as industry leaders or thought leaders – this doesn’t mean that you should take away the human side. You can have all of the professional elements and technical content that show you know what you are talking about, but you can inject personality and fun into this too.

Speak directly to your audience

There might be several groups of people that make up your client base, and it’s important that you speak to all of them.  You don’t need to use jargon or corporate language – they don’t want to hear lots of sales talk. If you’re struggling with your brand, you should take a look at websites such as designbypelling.co.uk who can help you create your brand voice in marketing materials to allow you to relate to your target market. 

Focus on being helpful rather than making a sale

Instead of constantly thinking about the sale, you should think about being informative and giving the prospective client something of use.  It allows you to take that first step in creating and building a relationship with them.  If you offer resources that contains useful and helpful information – you will be seen as credible.  You need to make sure that the resources you are offering are the kind of materials that your consumer actually want to see.  Think about how it will benefit your client, not you first and you will be on the right track.

Make sure your website is dynamic

This is a great way to show your audience the human side of you, and it’s free.  There are several advantages of updating a blog directly.  It is beneficial for SEO, and it lets anybody viewing your website know that you are up to date in topics relating to your industry.  It will show that you are educated, research your market, and that you are active.  As well as offering news items relating to your industry – it’s a good idea to do more personalised pieces too showing who you and your team are. 

Make sure you are available

This may seem obvious but being available to your clients is incredibly important.  It is a massive part of your online persona – particularly since there are so many customer services tools on social media etc to make this much easier for you.  If you have someone posting across your social media channels, then there is no reason why they can’t answer comments, private messages etc.  Don’t fall into the habit of simply scheduling your social media posts with tools like hootsuite.com without concerning yourself with engagement.  Clients also like face to face interactions, so although the world has gone digital – make sure you meet clients for a coffee or have a quick Skype conversation when you can to make them feel important.   Keep in regular contact with them.

Be grateful

If something has gone wrong with a product or service within your company – then make sure you apologise.  As mentioned – we are all human, so if you make a mistake – acknowledgement and an apology could go a long way.  It’s also essential that you say thank you to your clients and advocates. You could send follow up thank you emails, thank your followers or fans when you reach a certain follower count and more.  If you are grateful to your clients – they will enjoy working with you more as they will feel valued. 

If you follow our 7 tips to how to humanise your brand – you should have an audience that’s connected an engaged with you, leading to more conversions and customer loyalty.

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