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5 tips for choosing the right business mobile phone plan

15th Mar 18 12:15 pm

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A large number of people in the UK already own a smartphone, and the number is expected to reach 54 million in the next few years.

There are several service providers in the UK, all offering different mobile phone packages, many of them specifically targeting businesses. The huge number of options can make it difficult for a user to pick the right one, especially when it comes to selecting a plan for a business.

To help you in this regard, given below are five tips on choosing the right mobile phone plan for your business:

1. Know Your Needs

You must know what you need, mobile phone for Businesses are different. Some only need a phone to make calls; some perform different activities on it.

A few things to consider include:

  • The kind of calls you have to make. Do you call on mobile numbers or landline? Do you have to make international calls as well? All these factors need to be considered when picking a plan. A business will typically be making calls all around the globe, but if you do not have an international reach, then you may not need a plan that offers international calling or international calling at discounted rates.
  • A lot of us love to text so make sure to consider this option when selecting a few plans. Some plans may offer you unlimited texting; some may charge you extra for it. Businesses may not necessarily send text messages to each other, as most work is done via emails. But if you exchange a lot of messages then make sure to consider this option.
  • This is the era of the internet. A lot of us use our mobile devices to browse the web, which is why a plan that offers a good amount of data at a good speed would be a good choice.

Knowing your needs would help you to pick the right option.

2. Shop Around

It is an important thing to look around and find all the options you have. You need to pick plans knowing your needs.

In the first step, you found your needs. Now is the time to find providers that fit your criteria. Just go to Google and find different providers such as O2, Virgin Mobile etc. Other than this, you may seek out representatives that cater to businesses.

Many service providers will be willing to speak to you and answer your queries, so visiting a rep may be a good idea. Listen to them and make a list of plans that you like.

3. Compare the Plans

The next option is to compare the plans. Doing this manually can be quite a task, which is why you should opt for a service provider like Choose that lets you compare different plans.

4. Good Things Come in a Bundle

Many providers offer a different pricing for businesses so make sure to let them know. They may also offer a bundle price that includes phone charges with other services, such as wireless internet.

Make sure to ask for bundles prices. Other than this, some may even offer discount to businesses so let them know you need phone plan for a business?

5. Ask About Perks

Make sure to be aware of all the perks your plan offers. For example, many providers offer special customer support to business clients. This offer can be of great help if you suffer any trouble with your service.

The best option to know about perks is by calling the company and inquiring about the same.

Once you have decided on a provider, just get the line and enjoy the perks. Businesses cannot afford to keep switching their provider so make sure to be careful when deciding which provider to go for.

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