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5 Consequences of plagiarism

12th Mar 18 10:51 am

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Whether you’re still in school or you work for a large corporation, there will always be a consequence for plagiarising somebody else’s work, so avoiding the mistake is crucial. Truthfully, falling into the trap of plagiarism is relatively easy, so you’ll definitely want to invest in a plagiarism checker and concentrate extra hard to avoid it, otherwise you run the risk of facing the following consequences.

1.   Business brand image tarnished

Undeniably one of the biggest consequences of committing an act of plagiarism is the tarnishing of your brand image, as your current customers and future prospects will no longer trust the content that you publish. A reputable company will always write and publish content that’s relevant to the target audience, but if you make no effort to keep your content original, you’re going to make your customers believe that you don’t care about them or their needs.

2.   Legal repercussions

Depending on the severity of your plagiarism, you could face some scary legal repercussions. There is no way around a copyright law – if you use somebody else’s work, you have to cite and reference it, otherwise you could find yourself locked up in a prison cell. If you write for a living, you should be writing to such a professional standard that no plagiarism is committed, as you will face some very serious consequences which can be extremely costly for your business.

3.   End of career

If you’re responsible for the tarnishing of your business’ brand image due to plagiarism, it’s highly likely that you’ll be fired right there on the spot. Even if your plagiarism mistake was a huge mistake and was by no means intended, your company’s brand image is likely to be ruined for a very long time, so there’ll be no mercy when it comes to your career. Considering that plagiarism is so easy to avoid, this is a consequence that really isn’t worth it, so always ensure you’re checking your work multiple times just in case of accidental plagiarism.

4.    Difficulty working in the future

As a result of the above point, you’re going to find it much more difficult to secure a job in the future, especially if it’s for the same job role or even just within the same industry. When a business commits an act of plagiarism, especially a more established one, it’s heard about all across the industry, making it difficult to disguise the fact that you were responsible for it. The content that’s written and published for a business is very representative of the work that’s done, so other companies aren’t going to hire someone who puts that at risk.

5.   Limited responsibility & trust

If by chance you do manage to keep your job at your current establishment, you’re going to find your everyday duties far more boring compared to before. You might find yourself being belittled by others in the organisation, and it’s very likely that you’ll be equipped with basic tasks every day, as the company will lose trust in you and thus will give you as little responsibility as possible without reducing productivity levels.

All 5 of these consequences will impact your life and the success of the business you are working for forever, and for an act of plagiarism that’s so easily avoided, you’ll want to do all you can to ensure that you’re never subject to any of the above.

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