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42% of UK drivers admit using a phone while driving

by LLB Reporter
11th Oct 20 9:47 am

New research released today from vehicle check website CarGuide.co.uk alarmingly shows over 14 million drivers could be using their phone while at the wheel. The independent research found 42% of drivers in the UK admitted using their phone to check messages or to use social media apps. 

The survey asked how people are using their phones whilst driving, including reading notifications, sending messages, posting status updates or even watching videos.  

Nottingham drivers are the worst culprits (64%) with half of Londoners (51%) admitting the crime. Elsewhere across the UK, figures showed Birmingham (49%), Newcastle (44%), Sheffield (55%) scoring high with Manchester (32%), Leeds (30%), Liverpool (29%) next and Brighton the lowest at 19%. 

Young drivers (aged 18-34) are the biggest law breakers with a whopping 67% admitting using their phone while in control of a vehicle. Over half (54%) admitted sending a message via SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger, Email or Slack and 45% have posted a video to Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. In contrast a quarter (25%) of over 55 year old drivers admitted using their phone with just 4% posting a video to a social profile. 

CarGuide.co.uk Co-Founder Olli Astley said, “42% of drivers could mean over 14 million of us have used a phone whilst driving. This is a shocking number considering the risks involved. It’s not just a quick look at a notification, nearly a quarter of people also admitted watching a video.  Thankfully it won’t be too long until technology is driving the car for us, but until then, let’s save the TikTok dancing and Whatsapp chats for when you’re not driving a car.“

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