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4 ways London businesses can make the most of flexible working this summer

by LLB Reporter
26th Jul 16 11:46 am

Think beofre bricks and mortar office space

As the temperature rises in the capital, employees take time off to enjoy some much needed sun with friends and family and Southern Rail services descend into chaos – a sense of instability can be passed onto businesses. For many companies, summer is a time to reconsider strategies and develop new ideas. However with so many travel disruptions reduced productivity becomes a major concern for those trying to drive the workforce through uncomfortable heat and the launch of PoKemon Go.

Stephen Duignan at join.me has put together his top tips for maintaining staff productivity across the summer months, including:

1.    Listen to your employees and embrace different ways of working: People feel they can be more productive at home because they don’t have to deal with daily office distractions and co-worker interruptions. So whether they’ve got the TV on in the background or spent the whole day in their pyjamas, they are still cranking away at their tasks — interruption free.

2.    Collaboration is key: Businesses will need to embrace and implement technologies that enable fast and reliable on-the-go work, and mobile meetings. It’s important to ensure these platforms integrate with each other, to provide an easy, seamless work experience. Choose platforms that are optimised for most smart devices – including the ones that haven’t even been invented yet.

3.    It’s time to road test working remotely: You or your team might want to try WFH a day or two, hot weather or not, and see the impact it has on your productivity and even team morale.

4.    Think beyond bricks-and mortar office space: The UK’s most innovative startups are staying ahead of the game when it comes to accommodating flexible schedules.  Consider turning any space with WiFi into a potential work location

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