Home Business News 300% rise in searches for ‘work from home jobs near me’ since March 2020

300% rise in searches for ‘work from home jobs near me’ since March 2020

by LLB Reporter
30th Aug 22 12:03 pm

With the ‘Great Resignation’ in full swing around the world there has been a 40% rise in online searches for ‘jobs’ over the past six months reveals HR experts Cydney’s Creative Solutions.

In the USA alone 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in March 2022 and across the Atlantic, three in 10 (29%) UK workers reported in January that they were considering moving jobs this year.

Analyzing search trend data, Cydney’s Creative Solutions reveals the top countries on the hunt for jobs online over the past year. Pakistan, Zambia, and Kenya topped the list with the most searches for ‘jobs’, with the United Kingdom placing fourth and the United States ninth.

Workers are demanding a better work-life balance following the pandemic. Cydney’s Creative Solutions shares how business owners and HR teams alike can navigate this fast-growing trend to incentivize employees and ensure staff loyalty.

Hybrid working models

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic transformed work habits worldwide with work from home and flexible working options becoming commonplace.

Furthermore, there has also been a staggering 300% increase in online searches for ‘work from home jobs near me’ since March 2020 reveals Cydney’s Creative Solutions. Since 2020, the HR consultancy has seen broad support from its clients for hybrid work models with many reporting benefits including reduced commuting time, higher productivity, and an enhanced work-life balance.

Wellness initiatives

As a trending topic, wellness is becoming an increasingly important consideration for the workplace.

With expertise in improving employer and employee quality of life, Cydney’s Creative Solutions has seen a rising interest in wellness initiatives from clients with many incorporating wellness practices into existing company policies in order to offer heightened support packages for staff from team wellness activities to counselling sessions.

Generous remuneration packages

Against a backdrop of ongoing global economic instability, attractive salaries and financial rewards are now a major priority for many workers. Specializing in employee development and satisfaction, Cydney’s Creative Solutions has experienced a surge in client inquiries around remuneration packages in recent months as new figures find that the increased cost of living is topping concerns for 29% of Gen Z and 36% of millennial workers worldwide.

Camile Duria, Founder & CEO of Cydney’s Creative Solutions said, “For many organizations, the ‘Great Resignation’ is still a very real threat and time and time again I am finding it is a topic that my clients around the world are keen to discuss.

“As we transition from a post-pandemic society and adjust to new priorities, it is imperative that business leaders reassess their existing HR resources and set out to bring them in line with the new expectations from workers.

“Over the coming months, I am excited to continue my close work with organizations as they confront the aftermath of the ‘Great Resignation’ and I hope to expand on my current services through new training programs, development workshops, and mentorship schemes.”

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