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10 countries whose GDP is less than Facebook’s $200bn market cap

by LLB Editor
9th Sep 14 1:39 pm

Update: As of 23 December, Facebook market cap hit $227.7bn as shares traded at an all-time high

The total value of Facebook’s shares soared above $202.5bn when Nasdaq closed yesterday.

This means that Facebook, if it was a country, would now be the 22nd biggest country in the world.

Each share in the world’s biggest social networking site is now worth $77.89, more than double of what its shares cost in its stock market debut in May 2012.

In January this year, Facebook’s total users passed 1.23 billion monthly active users, 945 million mobile users, and 757 million daily users.

To envisage how big Facebook actually is, take a look at countries with a lesser GDP than Facebook’s market cap.

Facebook’s market cap: $202.5bn

Kazakhstan’s GDP:  $200.48bn

Peru’s GDP: $196.96bn

Czech Republic’s GDP: $195.66bn

Ukraine’s GDP: $176.31bn

Qatar’s GDP: $171.48bn

Romania’s GDP: $169.40bn

New Zealand’s GDP: $167.35bn

Latin America and Caribbean’s GDP:  $165.84bn

Kuwait’s GDP: $160.91bn

Vietnam’s GDP:  $141.67bn    

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