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Worst hiding places for Christmas presents and where to stash them instead!

by Sarah Dunsby
17th Nov 23 3:21 pm

Parents need to up their game when it comes to hiding Christmas presents, as savvy kids are getting wise to the places that are typically used, including on top of the wardrobe.

Parents’ go-to hiding spots such as under the bed, under stairs cupboards, or in their wardrobes are no longer safe spaces, according to storage specialists Kit Keeper.

Today’s children are outsmarting the adults – with six out of ten stating that they are confident they know where presents are stashed.

Storage specialists Kit Keeper are advising parents that their best hope for keeping Christmas surprises safe is to think out of the box when it comes to hiding places. And time is running out – with November halfway over, and Black Friday fast approaching, it’s definitely time to start buying those gifts.

Michael McCreadie, founder of Kit Keeper, said parents and guardians need to be much more inventive when choosing a place to store gifts.

“So much work goes into saving money, selecting and buying presents, and keeping the excitement for Christmas alive. So choosing the wrong hiding places can be disastrous! Finding gifts ahead of the big day really puts a damper on Christmas, especially if it’s your kids that find them.

“Many of us wrongly presume that our loved ones won’t hunt for gifts or that our hiding places are inspired, but statistics suggest that many kids are far too savvy to neglect to look for their presents in the home.

“So we’ve put together a guide of the worst places to hide your gifts – and some inspired alternatives to keep your secrets safe til the big day!”

Worst places

Under the bed

It’s a classic place to hide your gifts, but not a good one. They can be easily found by children of all ages, plus there are major limitations on the size of presents you can hide.

On top of the wardrobe

Out of reach and out of sight (hopefully) – but it’s an obvious place to check. It can also be dangerous if younger children attempt to climb to check up there – so one to avoid.

Under the stairs

Often a dumping place for clothes and shoes – so why not a good location for present stashing? Well, because it’s easily accessible by kids and adults, is regularly used and could see your secrets rumbled without even intentionally looking for presents. This one is doomed to fail.

Instead, try….

In the loft

It’s where most of us keep Christmas decorations, so why not the presents? You need to ensure you can get them up (and down) safely, especially if heavy. You will also need to ensure they are protected from the cold and damp whilst up there.

In a shed

It is probably the least likely place the children will find the presents at this time of year, and they can be well hidden under other items already stored away. Ensure they are kept dry and covered though, as they could be exposed to the elements.

The office

You could consider storing your Christmas presents at your office, just don’t forget to bring them home when you break up for your Christmas holidays as access to buildings could be limited. Check with your employer that it’s ok, as it might cause complications with insurance.

A storage unit

It might feel like overkill, but actually, there are many benefits to using a storage unit to store gifts. Not only is there zero chance of anyone finding them, you also won’t forget where you’ve hidden them, it protects your home from burglaries, and you’ll be fully insured.

Michael McCreadie, founder of Kit Keeper, said: “Insurance limits for items in outbuildings or vehicles are significantly lower than those stored in your main home. Using a storage unit for a short period before Christmas can help you keep gifts out of view and reach of others in your home.

“There is also the consideration of security too. Storing expensive presents at your home could potentially be easy pickings in the event of a burglary, therefore considering some secure external storage could be beneficial.”

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