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Woah! The "biggest Apple hack ever" has just hit iPhones

by LLB Editor
1st Sep 15 11:23 am

Apple iPhones have just been hit with the “biggest hack ever” as over 225,000 valid accounts have been stolen from people.

Malware which only affects “jailbroken” devices has been blamed for the hack which has affected iPhone users in 18 countries including China, France, Russia, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Israel, Italy, Spain, Singapore, and South Korea.

For those of you who don’t know, “jailbreaking” is the process of removing hardware restrictions that the manufacturer of the phone has put in.

According to researchers Palo Alto Networks, hackers have used some victims’ accounts to download premium apps.

The researchers said, “It [the malware] can locally disable any kind of unlocking operations, whether the correct passcode or password has been entered.

“Also, it can send a notification message demanding a ransom directly using the stolen certificate and private key, without going through Apple’s push server. Because of this functionality, some of previously used ‘rescue’ methods are no longer effective.”

Palo Alto Networks also published a step-by-step guide for eliminate the malware. Check it out here.


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