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Why your company should have professionally taken product photos

3rd Aug 17 11:57 am

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Product photography plays an increasingly important role in persuading people to invest in your merchandise. It is a known fact that people only remember 80 per cent of the things they see and 20 per cent of the things they read. This clearly indicates that an image is hard to ignore. Thereby, if your product photography is weak, you may be losing out on business.

The product photos present on your website will have an influence on your visitors. Because customers cannot physically feel the product, they rely on the photographs to guide their purchasing decision. If the quality of a product image looks poor, it will make the product itself look poor too.

By investing in a professional product photographer, you will add versatility to the shopper’s online experience and thus you’re likely going to get more sales as a result.

Professional product photography is a key investment for your e-commerce business. While a common perception is that everybody has a camera and can take photographs, taking them yourself when you don’t know what you’re doing (or what works) will be detrimental.

A professional has in depth experience. They also have the necessary equipment which further enhances the images. Furthermore, they can process the images in post-production to ensure that the quality is high-definition. A professional product photographer guarantees high resolution images with no compromise on quality whatsoever.

It’s easy to spot amateur photography and it makes your business look very unprofessional. You want your photographs to be taken by someone who has the necessary skills and experience. It requires thorough understanding of angles, space and light – knowledge which a professional will possess.

Before you invest in a professional photographer, make sure they have sufficient expertise and exposure. Generally, a professional photographer will have a website and portfolio allowing you to make an informed choice. An example of what you should be looking for can be seen at howlettphotography.com. On this photographer’s website, you can find a portfolio of product photography and examples of client’s he has done work for. If none of this information is present on the photographer you’re looking at, you may want to consider using someone else.

Further, you need to discriminate between a product photographer and other generic photographers. For instance, a wedding photographer may be able to take quality candid images, but product photography may not be their area of expertise.

Here are a few other key reasons why your company needs to invest in a professional photographer:

Great Quality: As discussed above, a professional product photographer will ensure precision whilst taking photographs. By using the right camera angles and equipment, he/she will highlight the features of your product.

Improved Sales: When your products look appealing online, they will sell. Having poor quality images will confuse the buyer. Therefore, even if you are selling a great product the subpar photography will affect the sales of your products or services.

When a company invests in a professional photographer, they also capture multiple aspects of the products in a number of formats that may be needed time and again.  Thus, having professional photographs will strengthen your branding strategy giving all your products a similar look and feel.

A professional photographer will take pictures from different angles such as close-ups, abstract, macros, along with others. These images can then be used for various marketing and promotional activities. Such photographs help businesses to get maximum leverage from their investment.

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