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Why you should consider buying a moissanite engagement ring

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17th May 22 4:51 pm

An engagement ring is a great symbol of love and commitment. Therefore, picking the best there is in the market assures you of an awesome experience. Today, moissanite engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. This has not been without good reasons.  Therefore, it is something to consider if you want a lasting solution for your loved one.

Many people confuse moissanite with diamond. However, it is important to know that these two stones are not the same despite their close resemblance. Even with that, moissanite exhibits high qualities that match those of diamond. Therefore, people choose this precious stone because it is a great diamond alternative.

Reliable qualities of moissanite

Beauty and function are essential in choosing the kind of ring to wear. All these come from the type of stone and metal chosen for the ring. For that reason, moissanite has become a favorite for many people. Here are the top reasons why:

Availability and cost

Moissanite is lab-grown. Even though Henri Moissan discovered the gem in a meteorite, dealers can easily make it in the lab.  For that reason, its supply is guaranteed. The gem is Silicone Carbide and that makes it possible to produce in the laboratory.

Increased and reliable supply of moissanite is the reason for the affordable price. Therefore, you will get properties comparable to those of diamonds at a cheap price.

Ethical considerations

Mined gemstones come with conflicts and instability in society. Therefore, buying them goes in support of such activities. However, the case is different for lab-grown moissanite.

Dealers simulate similar forming processes of intense heat and pressure on Silicon Carbide to produce this gem. Therefore, it is not a threat to human existence and the environment at large.

Durability and strength

This is one of the top stones comparable to diamonds on grounds of strength and quality. Therefore, it is worth for use in quality engagement rings. Moissanite has a score of 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is close to the diamond’s score of 10.

On buying moissanite, you have a guarantee of hardness and durability. Most importantly, it is hard to scratch this gem hence giving you reliable service for as long as you will need it.

Different shapes and sizes

Complex and delicate ring styles are possible with the ability to cut and customise gemstones. Moissanite is one such stone that will allow you to have this option.

The stone is easy to cut and that gives you room to have a custom solution other than the premade versions. If you are looking for quality stones that you can shape in different ways, moissanite is what you need.

Fire and brilliance

Moissanite shines better than most stones you will find in the market including diamonds. Therefore, it will give your ring the sparkle you are looking for in your engagement. This is due to the high refractive index from the gem’s cut and flawless nature. Therefore, you are safe buying a moissanite because of its shine.

Carat weight of Moissanite

Heavy jewelry is uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. Therefore, it is helpful to pick lightweight options like moissanite. This gem is less dense than diamond and that allows you to have a lightweight ring for your partner.

Variety of colour shades

Just like a diamond, moissanite comes in grades based on its color and composition. You will find grey, yellow and green versions, which are the most common moissanite grades. However, there are still near colorless and colorless versions that are considered of high quality.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Most gemstones are not easy to clean. Some will require special detergents and materials to clean. Ultimately, the maintenance cost goes high. However, the case is different for moissanite. All you need is warm water and soap to clean your ring. That way, it will maintain its fire and brilliance for a long time.

Final thoughts

Lab-grown moissanite has dominated the jewelry industry for some time now. People like this precious stone due to its quality and availability. Not many people can differentiate it from a diamond. However, it is unique in its way despite the close resemblance to a diamond.

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