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Why do pigeons love nesting under solar panels?

by Sarah Dunsby
8th Sep 23 4:11 pm

So you’ve bought your amazing solar panels and are already enjoying the energy savings. However, you quickly discover that something is afoot. There are tiny birds leaving droppings on your precious solar panels. What do you do?

Do not panic; you only need to look into pigeon proofing solar panels. This proofing means you create a barrier between the panels and the birds. How do these birds affect your panels? We shall answer these and many more questions below;

Comfort is the primary reason pigeons love living under solar panels. It is quite warm under the panels, making them a befitting habitat at night and during the colder months.

The panels offer a height advantage where the pigeons can scour their surroundings for water and food. If no preventative measures are implemented, the pigeons will keep coming back.

How do the pigeons affect your solar panels?

Yes, there are a couple of ways the birds will compromise the integrity of the panels. These include;

  • The pigeon droppings are quite corrosive because they are highly acidic. This may cause the wires to corrode and not function properly over time. When the droppings accumulate over time, they act as shading. This means your panels cannot collect the solar they need to generate energy.
  • As they land on the panel, the pigeons are bound to scratch the surface of your solar panels, which compromises their ability to generate power.
  • Pigeons are loud, which can become a nuisance for you and your neighbours, especially at night.
  • There are also mites that the pigeons may bring into your home. The droppings and mites can cause serious health problems for you and your pet if not taken care of.

How do you protect your panels?

There are a few pigeon proofing solar panels ideas that are quite effective in stopping this problem. You can;

  • Use spikes specifically designed to dissuade birds from perching on your roof.
  • Install a solar panel mesh, which creates a perimeter around your panels. The great thing about this method is that it does not affect the panels or your roof.
  • Use bird blockers that work equally, as well as a solar panel mesh. These work great because they are not screwed onto the panels, thus leaving no damage after installation.

Additionally, you should ensure that your compound is clean because food attracts these birds.

Who should you hire?

A company dealing with panel protection needs to meet some standards. Here is what to look for;

  • Great reviews: Good work speaks for itself, and companies that offer fantastic services keep attracting more customers. Check out a company’s reviews and testimonials before hiring them.
  • Qualifications: You do not want a proofing company that will do a less-than-stellar job and destroy your panels in the process. The company should have the relevant credentials for all their technicians. This way, you’ll know you’re in capable hands.

Prevention is always the right approach when pigeons and solar panels are involved. So get on it immediately and enjoy your panels for longer.

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