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Why do people sell houses?

by Sarah Dunsby
3rd Dec 18 10:38 am

Once you buy your first house, you feel the need to perfect your physical assets. There are many reasons why you want to sell or buy a house. The motivation can come from everything. Changing your lifestyle, growing the family, changing financial state, etc. Everything can affect your decision to keep or sell the house.

Whether you decide to stay where you are or sell the house and buy something new, you will need to step into the troubling process of buying and selling homes. Many give up in the middle of the process, and many prefer to hand it to the professionals like cash house buyers. They can ease the process of buying and selling houses for you, and help you concentrate on more significant factors.

As we already mentioned, the motivation to sell a house can come from everywhere. Here are several reasons for selling the homes:

Residential problems

     The home is too small or impractical

The home may seem bigger without furniture, but once you move in you might find yourself in a small space with impractical use. Or you might be expecting some new members of the family and will need a bigger house in the future.

     Bad neighbourhood

The neighbourhoods can change. Social, financial and economic factors of the neighbourhood affect your living and lifestyle. People often choose to move to a different place for this reason.

Personal reasons and change of a lifestyle

     Changing a profession, place of work or transfer

Homeowners often sell their houses to transfer to another city because of work requirements. We have encountered many individuals that decided to leave the 9 to 5 working tradition and become a digital nomad. They choose to travel the world and make the whole earth their home.

     Changes in a relationship

It’s an unfortunate reason, but often couples fall apart. It’s hard to continue living together after a break-up, even though selling a house is tough. People choose to part ways and move to different places.

     New family member

We mentioned above that sometimes houses are small for an upcoming family member. Married couples choose the baby-safe environment, but some couples don’t expect children at the moment of buying the house. Things can change, and they might need a new environment for a baby.

     Death in the family

A grim reason to sell a house, but it’s on the top list. Often people sell their houses because their family member died and another house is completely empty. They might move away in the empty house, or sell it.

Another reason people sell houses after a death in the family is that they feel that the house is too big for one person.

Many senior people move to houses with home lifts.

Financial state

     Changes in the salary

When people get a raise, they decide to upgrade their houses too. That’s one way to look at it, but unfortunately, some people get the salaries cut and decide to downgrade their budget too.

These are the top reasons people decide to sell their homes. The selling purpose can actually help you sell the house even better. If you describe the reasons and factors of moving away, it can help the buyer to decide whether to buy the house or not.

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