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Why do foreigners choose Villamartin to live in Spain?

by Sarah Dunsby
28th Oct 22 4:26 pm

Villamartin is a small but very popular town on the Costa Blanca, Spain. Every year, thousands and tens of thousands of people come here to enjoy the incredible nature, play on one of the many golf courses, and live in the warm and mild climate. Many of the tourists, once having been here, start looking for a property in Villamartin to move in or as an investment to earn money on rent. The rapid growth in demand gives rise to a huge supply: now developers are actively filling the real estate market in Villamartin, entire neighborhoods are appearing, consisting of villas, townhouses and residential complexes with modern apartments.

Why are tourists and investors so interested in Villamartin, what attracts them? Let us find out together in a short guide to the main advantages of this city!

Weather and climate in Villamartin

The first and most attractive thing in Villamartin, as well as in the entire Costa Blanca, is the weather and climate. There are on average up to 320 sunny days a year, with practically no clouds or heavy rain. The average annual temperature is +20 °C.

In the summer season, the average temperature is +24°C while on the hottest days the temperature does not rise above +30 degrees. Winters here are mild, without sudden changes in weather conditions and with an average daily temperature of +19°C. The beach season here lasts until the end of October, which means that at least 5 months a year you can enjoy warm water at sea without the risk of catching a cold.

City infrastructure

Despite the compact size of Villamartin, you will find here everything you need for life. You do not need a car to get from one point to another: everything is within walking distance, and remote destinations can be easily reached by public transport that uses an extensive network. The entertainment infrastructure will not leave you bored: there are many shopping centers (including the largest on the coast – La Zenia Boulevard), cafes and restaurants, bars and nightclubs, parks and sports grounds, and much more. People of all ages and preferences can find here something that will interest them.

Beach holiday

Since the city is located three kilometers from the nearest beach, Villamartin residents are offered a variety of beaches in other coastal cities. Only a few minutes’ drive from the best beaches of the Costa Blanca in cities such as:

  • Cabo Roig,
  • La Zenia,
  • Punta Prima,
  • Playa Flamenca,
  • Campoamor.

More than half of the beaches in these cities have been awarded the Blue Flag. It is given only to the beaches, which are constantly cleaned with special equipment and have all requirements of cleanliness and order maintained on them. Sandy clean beaches with everything necessary close by will guarantee you an unforgettable experience of a sea holiday!

Property in Villamartin

The real estate market of Villamartin can be roughly divided into urbanizations, which are actively filled with new real estate. We would like to warn you right away that this is far from the cheapest real estate on the coast, but if you devote a little more time to searching and analyzing the market, you will be able to find an affordable apartment or villa for yourself. The secondary market here has fewer options than the primary one, since the owners do not seek to sell their houses, and developers annually update their proposals with entire residences and residential complexes.

Since the nearest beach is located at least 3 kilometers away, prestigious areas with luxury villas are founded around golf courses. In Spain, living near golf courses is considered just as prestigious as having a home on the first line from the sea. Other, more budget apartments and houses are scattered throughout the territory and various urbanizations, which gives the buyer the opportunity to choose independently the location and price of housing that is suitable for them.

Average real estate prices in Villamartin are as follows:

  • The most simple and compact villas on the primary market start from € 235,000. In the secondary market, you can pick options from € 155,000.
  • Modern villas in the middle price segment from the developer will cost from € 350,000. On the secondary market, a decent house with 2-3 bedrooms within city limits can be found at a price starting from € 200,000.
  • Luxury villas near golf courses are expensive, but they offer the highest quality of life, a prestigious area and successful neighbors, as well as many other advantages. Luxury housing with all amenities will cost € 485,000 and more. It is rare to find luxury villas next to golf courses on the secondary market, but rare offers start from € 350,000.
  • Luxury apartments near golf courses or in a prestigious area can be found at prices ranging from €150,000 to €250,000 and up. If you decide buy a pre-owned place, apartments in an expensive residential complexes can be purchased at a price of € 125,000 for a 1-2 bedroom option.

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