Home Business News Why did gold lose more than 2% of its value?

The price of gold experienced a significant drop on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, losing more than 2% of its value.

Prior to the announcement of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), it was trading around $2030.00 per ounce, but after the announcement, it declined to approximately $1990.00 per ounce.

This marked change reflects the market’s sensitivity to key economic events, such as the CPI, and underscores the inherent volatility of gold prices in a context of economic uncertainty.

An hour before the market opened in New York, the U.S. released the year-on-year CPI for January. Expectations were for 2.9%, however, the announcement revealed 3.1%. This surprise figure highlighted concerns about inflation, generating an immediate impact on the yellow metal and reflecting the importance of key economic data in investment decision making.

Investors interpreted the news negatively. The predominant perception was that the Federal Reserve will postpone the reduction of interest rates, which could slow down the economic reactivation. This understanding generated concerns among traders, who fear a prolongation of less favorable economic conditions. The resulting uncertainty contributed to an atmosphere of volatility, reflecting the sensitivity to any change in monetary policies.

Recent U.S. economic data continues to support the perception of a robust economy, which, in turn, heightens expectations that the Federal Reserve will prolong its high rate stance. This backdrop reflects a decline in demand for gold, as investors are more inclined towards financial assets with higher yields in a high interest rate environment.

Finally, for the gold price to experience a significant rise, it is crucial to see strong evidence of a significant slowdown in the economy and a sustained downward trend in inflation.

These indicators are critical for investors seeking refuge in assets such as gold during periods of economic uncertainty.

The perception of an economic slowdown can increase demand for gold as a store of value as investors seek to hedge against market volatility and currency depreciation. Therefore, the evolution of these macroeconomic factors will be a key determinant of gold price behavior in the near future.

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