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Why any business needs top explainer videos to increase conversions

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1st May 19 1:54 pm

Today, the digital scenario has significantly changed. There was a time when the majority of people would use laptop and desktop computers to surf the internet to find the required content. But, when you analyse the present case, one would prefer a smartphone (mobiles or tablets) instead of computers to interact with the content over the internet. Accordingly, companies have to invest in marketing in a manner that copes up with the changing scenario.

According to a report by TIME magazine, 17% of readers wouldn’t be staying and reading an article explaining services or products of businesses for more than 4 seconds. However, if the article would be presented as an explainer video instead of text content, people would stay engaged longer. This is one reason for why the explainer video marketing strategy is the currency in the competitive market to captivate the audience.

For these videos, explainer video experts usually guide businesses. simpleshow is one of the expert explainer video service providers and market leaders. They convert complex content or any kind of content into a short explainer video. This enables the target audience to understand the content.

Explainer video market by the statistics:

Here are a few data to help you in understanding the effect of explainer videos. HubSpot provides the following stats:

  • This year, videos of products or services of businesses are projected to hold over 80% of all traffic (web).
  • Rates of click-through can be increased by 200%-300% if a video is added to the marketing e-mails.
  • Landing pages when embedded with by marketing videos (explainer videos), conversion rates shoot up to 80%.
  • Around 90% of customers find explainer videos for choosing products as helpful because it aids them in making a decision for purchasing.
  • After watching explainer video of a product, 64% of people prefer to go and buy the item online.
  • Presently, around 87% of online businesses are utilizing explainer videos as a digital marketing strategy.
  • Of all online ad spending, 35% account for video ads.
  • According to James McQuivey, an expert in digital marketing, one minute of a video is almost equivalent to 8 million words

simpleshow has established itself around the globe; America, Europe and Asia with the help of a team of explainer video experts consisting of experienced concept writers and illustrators. What makes this player a leader in the explainer video world is its five elements that generate an outstanding explanation of the content. There are as follows:

  1. Context: The experts analyse the content or topic according to the type of audience targeted.
  2. Simplification: Here, simple language is used to explain the content.
  3. Storytelling: simpleshow tells the story to the targeted audience in a simple, short and concise way.
  4. Visualization:  Explainer videos have more images than text, as imagery is more comprehensible.
  5. Multisensory: The explainer videos are made in a way that explanation stays in people’s minds, which is achieved by stimulation of several senses.

Wrapping up, explainer videos increase the conversion rates of sales (inference from above mentioned statistics) and the simpleshow team of explainer video experts help you in creating such videos.

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