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Why Altcoins like DasCoin matter in Cryptocurrency

by Sarah Dunsby
26th Sep 18 8:09 am

While the world only talks about popular crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, here are some reasons why Dascoin and other new altcoins matter.

Why Altcoins like DasCoin matter?

When the world was introduced to cryptocurrencies in 2009, it was reluctant because they brought so many promises. Decentralization took away the power enjoyed by banks and gave it to the average user. Individuals on the network could remain completely anonymous while being able to make and receive payments. Security was ensured by the blockchain which recorded each transaction.

Looking into 2018, we can see that crypto still has a long way to go before widespread adoption. Recovering from the harshest crypto winters of all time where Bitcoin suffered a major beating, the crypto world looks set for a tough few months. While the market is recovering, market volatility and real-world usability have hindered mass adoption. The market is always on the lookout for coins that can be transacted in real time.

With several thousand altcoins listed on the world’s exchanges, there is a lot of investment space in the Crypto market. Each coin aims to solve a particular world problem. While not all the altcoins in the market can be trusted, innovative coins like DasCoin are changing the global transactions are done.

Advantages of Altcoins like DasCoin

A silent revolution is taking place in the crypto world. Looking to bring Cryptocurrencies mainstream, several altcoins have made significant value propositions that aim to alter the direction of the crypto industry. Here are some of the reasons why altcoins like DasCoin are important in the cryptocurrency industry:

Different Value propositions

Altcoins like DasCoin are hybrid cryptocurrencies which combine the real world usability of fiat currencies with the technology, security and the denaturalized nature of digital assets.

Hybrid coins combine banking grade security with procedures like KYC to give users a completely hassle-free coin ecosystem. Traders on exchanges and general users and use such altcoins to do real-time day to day payments.

While blockchain of traditional cryptocurrencies can complete 3 or 4 transactions in a second, native blockchain’s of altcoins have enabled thousands of transactions to be made in a second.  Altcoins are also less prone to market volatility and even pump and dump as their bitcoin counterpart.


For many users, buying big cap crypto assets seem out of their ways. As an alternative, crypto traders can invest in promising altcoins which are poised for growth. Good altcoins can serve an affordable entry point in the world of cryptocurrencies. With altcoins, a little bit of research can help you land some profitable options for your coin portfolio.


With the introduction of high-frequency trading, traders are finding it more and more difficult to make profits from crypto trading. The only alternative is to look for profitable tier 2 and tier 3 coins to and accommodate them into crypto portfolios.

With diversity, traders can also look to reduce their risk. With careful analysis, Traders can spend a fraction of what they would pay for BTC and ETH and easily double their profits.

What is expected of coins like DasCoin in the crypto market?

With altcoins, it’s not just talking about profits; their solutions aim to bring an end to adverse problems faced by the world today. As the world slowly warms up to accepting crypto assets, Altcoins like DasCoin strive to improve the adoption speed.

While there is no problem in holding BTC, ETH, and NEO, there is always the option of buying growing coins looking to tackle a common problem faced by the world.



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