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What are the best floors for wet rooms

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24th Dec 21 2:45 am

Do you know what are the best floors for wet rooms? A trend used by many people today to create different spaces within their homes; comfortable, practical and sophisticated, where the environmental condition can be kept perfectly in control.

Why choose a special floor for wet rooms

When you are building or remodelling your home’s floor, there are many factors to consider, such as the resistance of the material. If you require wet room flooring that will not get damaged in a short time, you should avoid wood at all costs.

In this sense, when choosing a special floor for your wet rooms it is advisable to ensure that it has materials that provide an adequate coating and are compatible with the environment where you will place it, whether in a bathroom, pool or any other place that is frequently exposed to the action of water.

Best floors for wet rooms

There are several materials that are resistant to humidity, but some of them are more recommended than others. Here are those that you can consider using according to your requirements and needs, without overlooking their anti-slip qualities and durability:


This is a PVC floor with high resistance to moisture, which makes it an ideal option for kitchens or bathrooms. It is also flexible and adapts to any type of environment, while on the other hand it is non-slip, unlike other tiles, and with it you can imitate finishes similar to wood or cement.

It stands out for its quality, resistance to shocks and scratches in addition to the fact that its placement on the pavement is easy and fast. It is one of the best options to create visual continuity in your rooms and prevent moisture from affecting its integrity over the years.


Stoneware floors have been used throughout life, being another interesting alternative for humid environments. In Spain, you can find some of the best manufacturers worldwide, as they have excellent designs and use high quality materials.

To resist humidity, porcelain stoneware is recommended, because although its cost is a little higher, it has greater durability. It is especially indicated for those areas that are frequently transited.

You can also use ceramic tiles or ceramic stoneware, since they do not accumulate liquid and their coating offers adequate waterproofing, as long as you verify that their joints are well sealed to prevent leaks.

Their greatest advantage is that they allow you to decorate any space using a variety of colors and distinctive designs.

Laminate floor

Perhaps when you hear the word “laminate” you think of the type of floors that were used in the past, but the ones manufactured today have nothing to do with those of years ago.

Nowadays, one of its best benefits is that it has greater resistance and imitates wood in a natural way; but when using it in frequently humid areas you should pay attention to its components. It is more convenient to choose laminate floors that are made with water-repellent fibres and include anti-slip finishes.

On the other hand, remember to keep in mind its anchoring system, since it must be special to avoid water filtration.

Micro cement

It is a floor where tiny grain aggregates, cementitious elements and polymeric resin are combined. It is applied in several layers, laid continuously over a previous floor, without the need to remove it beforehand.

One of its advantages is its aesthetics, since it has no joints and provides a feeling of spaciousness to any space, in addition to the fact that it only raises the floor level a few millimetres and strongly resists climatic changes, both in humidity and temperature.

It is not only recommended for interior environments, it is also possible to use it on the exterior of your property.

Natural stone

If you are interested in giving your rooms a rustic touch, natural stone is ideal for spaces such as the bathroom or kitchen, as it is not only resistant but also elegant and sophisticated.

Installing this type of flooring is not easy, so it is recommended to hire a professional in the field to ensure that everything goes well, guarantee its perfect placement and finish. Its durability and ability to resist humidity will depend on this.

As you can see, there are different alternatives of floors for wet rooms for which you can choose; everything will depend on where you want to place them to combine with the rest of the decoration of your property.

Finally, remember to consider that if you are one of those people who love to stay under the shower for a long time, it will be necessary that you place a floor that resists moisture in your bathroom and do not run the risk of slipping.

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