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What are the benefits of a Chatbot for business?

by Sarah Dunsby
11th Jan 24 1:07 pm

Chatbots are programs that automate communication with users. For example, a person places an order, and the bot responds to him or her about the product status.

What does a Chatbot provide?

A chatbot creates the feeling that the business is always in touch with you. And if the robot solves all the user’s problems, human presence is not necessary.

Even if bots are so beneficial, more companies don’t collaborate with chatbot development company and implement chatbots into their businesses. Brands lack examples of using chatbots; they are worried about user privacy and that the bot will give inaccurate answers.

Opportunities for Chatbots for business

Firstly, this is an additional sales channel. People spend about 80% of their smartphone time using messengers. Therefore, experts advise e-commerce businesses to look towards chatbots as an additional sales platform.

From a sales perspective, a chatbot is like an app. The most important thing is the audience, which chooses the messenger. For example, in some regions, one messenger is more popular than another.

It is important to remember that a chatbot is not an application or a website. Therefore, you don’t need to outsource tasks such as adding products to the cart and checkout to a bot. The chatbot identifies several criteria:

  • speed;
  • simplicity;
  • convenience.

The simpler the dialogue, the higher the sales.

The user’s threshold for entering the bot is lower than that of the application; launching the bot takes two clicks. At the same time, the dialog in the bot can be made shorter, reducing the number of stages of the sales process and increasing the speed of their completion.

Under such conditions, the chatbot can easily overtake the application. And the business will understand whether the audience has a request to develop a full-fledged application.

There are also limitations to chatbots. For example, it is difficult to collect information about users through chatbots. There are analytical services, but there is still not enough data. Therefore, a chatbot cannot replace a full-fledged application.

It also collects user feedback. The robot cannot answer a request that its script is not ready for. However, this drawback helps to collect user feedback and improve the product. You can train the bot to remember all non-standard messages from users to open questions.

Then analyse them and train a neural network based on them, which selects answers that are appropriate in meaning. As a result, the dialogue turns out to be more natural, and the bot tries to lead the user to a purchase.

Who will be interested in Chatbots?

A chatbot is suitable for a system company that has already set up business processes and basic automation. This is an excellent channel for sales.

If you are just starting to develop your business, a chatbot can be an interesting tool for attracting an audience with a low entry threshold. With the help of Netpeak Agency UK specialists, you can provide convenient communication with customers and improve the quality of service.

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