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Watch: ‘Hundreds and hundreds of Ukrainians’ are making deadly Molotov cocktails ‘to stick to vehicles’ and Russian troops

26th Feb 22 3:58 pm

“Hundreds and hundreds” of Ukrainian civilians are making deadly Molotov cocktails and are storing vast amounts to throw at Russian troops and vehicles.

Hundreds of residents who live in Dnipro the central Ukraine city have been filmed queuing up at the army recruitment centre to build a stockpile of weapons against Russian forces.

The video shows civilians carrying huge amounts alcohol bottles and filling empty bottles with alcohol and styrofoam which helps the burning liquid “stick” to their chosen targets.

To some it may sounds like Dad’s Army, but if troops are locked in tanks or other closed vehicles then it will be horrific – and if a soldier is directly hit by a Molotov cocktail it will be curtains for them as they are deadly.

Sky News correspondent John Sparks said, “Hundreds and hundreds of people here in Dnipro have come to the centre of town and they’re in the process of making Molotov cocktails.

“You see them, taking styrofoam and are putting into bottles.

“The styrofoam works to make the Molotov sticky, to help it stick to vehicles, to other targets.

“They’re making it according to a recipe that has been distributed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence.”

He continued: “Really quite extraordinary. So many people here doing this. You can see so many people here, very very busy.

“We’re actually based at a centre that exhibits items relating to the manufacturing of rockets.

“And you can see hundreds and hundreds of men queuing up to register themselves for the army. Many here have very little military experience, some have none at all.

“It’s not just men either, it’s women as well who are queuing up with their registration documents. They will go inside this museum and sign up.

“At some point in the next few days, they should get a call from the military and those considered suitable will be given guns and ammunition.”

BBC correspondent Sarah Rainsford shared pictures of women helping the Molotov-making efforts, saying: “In #Dnipro crowds of women are spending Saturday making Molotov cocktails.

“Teachers, lawyers, housewives. All crouched on the grass, filling bottles.

“They told me they try not to think about what they’re doing. But they want to be ready to defend their homes & city #ukraine.”

Addressing the nation on Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, “Everyone who can come back to Ukraine, please come back to defend Ukraine.

“After that, we will have a lot to do to rebuild our Ukraine.

“Everyone who can defend Ukraine abroad, please do it. Do it directly in a united way – every friend of Ukraine who wants to join Ukraine in defending the country, please come over.

“We will give you weapons.

“It will be announced soon how this will be done. Everyone who is defending Ukraine is a hero.”

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