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US Senator says China ‘intentionally’ spread the virus across the world

by LLB Politics Reporter
7th Jun 20 1:37 pm

A senior US Senator said on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show on Sunday that the Chinese Communist Party “intentionally” spread coronavirus globally.

US Senator Rick Scott also accused the Communist Party in Beijing of sabotaging vaccine research into the deadly virus.

He blasted China in saying there is clear evidence that the Chinese government are attempting to “slow down or sabotage” a vaccine in the West.

He told Marr that the US intelligent services hold this evidence and he cannot divulge anything further.

Marr looked shocked after what he said, “It is frustrating what China did to all of us.

“They didn’t just do it to us, they did it to Britain also and the rest of the world.

“They lied about this and we could have prepared better.

“Communist China intentionally appeared to do this, along with the help of the WHO [World Health Organization].”

Scott added, “Unfortunately we have evidence that Communist China is trying to sabotage us or slow it down.

“China does not want us to do it first, they have decided to be an adversary to Americans, and I think to democracy around the world.”

Marr asked, “When you say the West has evidence China is trying to stop vaccine develop, what do you mean?”

The US Senator replied with, “There are things I can’t discuss. I get provided information.

This vaccine is really important to all of us getting our economy going again.

“What I really believe is whether England does it first or we do it first, we are going to share. Communist China, they are not going to share.”

The Chinese authorities denied the accusations, and called them “rumours and slanders.”

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