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UK should ‘absolutely’ be concerned over Islamic State attack in Moscow

24th Mar 24 1:34 pm

Jeremy Hunt has said on Sunday that the UK should “absolutely” be concerned over the threat Islamic State poses.

This comes after IS committed a deadly terrorist attack in Moscow which has so far killed 133 people.

The Chancellor said that Europe must “remain vigilant” as the Jihadist group could be organising future attacks.

Hunt told Sky News’ Sunday Morning with Trevor Phillips, “We have very little confidence in anything the Russian government says.

“We know that they are creating a smokescreen of propaganda to defend an utterly evil invasion of Ukraine.

“But that doesn’t mean it’s not a tragedy when innocent people lose their lives … But I take what the Russian government says with an enormous pinch of salt.”

Phillips asked the Chancellor if Europe and the UK should have concerns of the threat that IS poses?

Hunt said, “absolutely.

“We are very lucky in this country that we have incredibly impressive intelligence agencies, who have been successful in stopping, in foiling a lot of terrorist threats over recent years.

“But we have to remain vigilant. And if it is Islamic State, they are utterly indiscriminate in what they do. They’re prepared to murder in the most horrific way.

“And so that’s why I think our hearts go out to everyone who’s affected by this, wherever they are in the world, and, yes, we have to make sure that we’re on our guard.”

Labour Party chairwoman Anneliese Dodds agreed with Hunt, she said, “Wherever terrorism rears its ugly head, we have to utterly condemn it and offer our condolences to all of those impacted.

“It’s really important that this is investigated properly and that those who genuinely were responsible are actually brought to book.”

Hunt was asked if the UK’s threat level could be raised, the Chancellor said this is decided by a “special system” in government.

He added, “I know that they will be looking at this kind of event.

“And then they’ll be looking at the intelligence that our own intelligence agencies, MI5 and MI6, GCHQ, are picking up.

“And, what I would say is that while we must remain vigilant, they have been extraordinarily successful in foiling a number of plots – a lot of things that never reached the public domain.”

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