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Tropical storm approaching the UK could bring ‘hurricane remnants’

by LLB staff reporter
30th Jul 23 2:52 pm

Tail end of 500-mile tropical storm in the Atlantic is approaching the UK and could bring “hurricane remnants” by Friday.

Forecasters have said there is still a “lot of uncertainty” as to what weather conditions this will bring but it “develop into a tropical storm.”

Speaking to the Daily Star on Sunday, John Hammond of weathertrending, said, “The jet stream will keep powering in from the Atlantic, ensuring a supply of rain-bearing weather systems.

“More rain could arrive through the weekend. This may have remnants of an ex-hurricane entrained within it.”

However, a meteorologist from the Met Office has said ex-hurricanes and tropical storms is “not that unusual.”

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Kathryn Chalk from the Met Office said, “I imagine [Hammond] is referring to a system that is currently out in the Atlantic which could develop into a tropical storm and could come into the mid-latitudes by Friday.

“Given how far it is away, there is a lot of uncertainty, though this could bring a further area of low pressure for next weekend.

“It won’t be a hurricane if/when it reaches the UK as they are tropical features which require sea temperatures much higher than those around the UK and instead can be classified as ‘ex-hurricanes’ or ‘extra-tropical cyclones’ if we are affected by them.

“Ex-hurricanes and tropical storms merging into the North Atlantic low pressures systems is not that unusual.”

The UK will not see the soaring temperature that are hitting Europe and more rain is on the way and from Monday Britain will have a further 10 days of rain.

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