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Trending marketing tactics for 2020

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2nd Apr 20 1:41 pm

Marketing is an industry that is constantly developing through innovation, which is why it can seem a bit challenging to keep up with the latest trends. What’s more, there’s hardly any denying that traditional marketing tactics are dead, there truly is no better time to start welcoming innovative changes to your marketing department to take advantage of the several effective benefits. Before crafting a modern marketing strategy, you should consider the following top trending marketing tactics for 2020 to grow your business.

Email marketing

Business owners who have been paying attention to the development of successful businesses around the globe have likely noted the new trend for remote employment, and while remote employees can drastically reduce business expenses, you may be wondering how you will be able to market your brand when following remote employment principles. Even though hosting a marketing event may not be suitable for startups and smaller-scale businesses as the costs involved are quite high, email marketing tactics will help you reach new heights of success. If you are wondering how to grow your email list, you should focus on finding lead generation tools that will ensure you are able to take advantage of quality leads. This tactic is rather simple, although, the effectiveness will rely solely on the quality of your leads.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an incredibly affordable marketing tactic that has become exceptionally popular in recent years. While everyone who is anyone is likely active on social media, strengthening your online presence and reaching your audience with the help of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is a tactic that continues to impress business owners in almost every industry. In the event that you are not entirely clued up on the workings of social media, it would be wise to employ a skilled social media manager that will manage and cultivate your businesses social media presence.

Content marketing

A few decades ago, Bill Gates published an article explaining how and why content is king. Basically, content is the backbone of the internet and without it, the internet would be nothing of what it is today. Therefore, your business should be taking advantage of what search engines such as Google have to offer. By utilizing search engine optimization and hosting great content on your business website, your audience will essentially be able to find and validate your business online. The details of content marketing can be somewhat intricate, which is why outsourcing to SEO marketing agencies is often the most cost-efficient solution.

Video marketing

If content is king, then surely video is queen and many would agree that a certain percentage of the internet prefers video to content. However, it could be agreed that the two forms exist on the same level of importance. However, video marketing is not the best solution for any industry as it has seen the most success for businesses in the beauty and food industries. Regardless, adding a few video marketing methods into your marketing strategy would be a great idea to strengthen the strategies effectiveness.

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