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Transcreation for businesses – why you need it

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17th May 21 2:26 pm

A lot of times when a piece of writing gets translated from its original language the meaning behind the message gets lost in the translation because of the difference in language structure. Transcreation is the art of combining translation and creation to get a properly worded translated piece that resonates with the local dialect.

In transcreation the translator goes beyond just translating your words to a different language, the translator also adapts it to make sure that the true meaning behind your words is understandable by your target audiences.

Transcreation helps your words maintain their original tone of voice, keeps it in context and preserves the original intent of what you wanted to communicate. If you’re a global business or you’re looking to expand your business globally you should know that transcreation has an important role to play for the overall success of your global transition.

An idiom, humour, expression, or wordplay may not resonate the same way with people from different cultures, that’s where transcreation comes in. According to recent global internet research, 3 out of 4 internet users do not speak English! How do you communicate to your foreign audience in a way that resonates with them without losing your brand voice and message? With transcreation, your business slogans and slang can be adapted and translated in a way that your international audience can clearly understand.

Why your business needs it

Word-to-word translation from one language to another barely ever makes sense. Google translate may be great but a pro translator is what your business needs. When you transcreate you:

● Increase your communication efficiency

A properly customised marketing piece grabs the attention of your target audience. Clear, effective communication in a foreign language is one way to establish trust between your business and your customers because they believe you ‘see’ them. In essence, it pulls your brand closer to the public and helps you build a strong connection with them.

● Boost your webpage SEO

Search engine optimisation is vital if you want your business page to ever rank on Google or other search engines. It’s one thing to optimise your website in English, using English keywords but it’s an entirely different thing to optimise it in another language. The SEO keywords cannot be directly translated and used; fresh research has to be carried out to find out exactly what that particular local audience is searching for in relation to your business. Using culturally relevant keywords will help our business website rank faster in the local search engines. Transcreation makes this process easier and faster.

You can get a professional business translation service via Protranslate or any translation service, most of these translating companies also offer transcreation. Many big name brands like Nike, and Coca-Cola, use transcreation to connect with their international audiences and establish themselves globally. Once you scale the cultural barrier a whole new world of opportunities opens up for your business. Business tides keep changing in this new age but one thing is certain- connecting with your customers is vital if you want to establish your brand internationally.

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