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Top ways to raise customer engagement without major investments

12th Jun 17 8:09 am

Here’s what you need to know

Regardless of the current status of the company and whether or not it is in the process of marketing a product or service, it’s very important that the company remains close to its customers and vice versa. This will prove invaluable once new campaigns begin.

There’s nothing as secure and valuable as consumers that are already your customers. Instead of preparing an intricate attack plan for a brand new batch of customers, companies should really try to focus more on keeping their current customers engaged. Here are some of the best ways in which you can raise customers’ engagement without having to invest a whole lot on the financial side.

Make them feel appreciated

Make sure you let your customers know just exactly how appreciated they are by including certain benefits in for those that are part of your programs or are just loyal customers. The effects of this strategy won’t hesitate to show, as customers will undoubtedly become more attached to the brand and thus provide valuable reassurance for the next campaign in terms of beefing up that consumer base.


Memberships can be great for business as, similar to the aforementioned point, allow customers to feel special and appreciated. By having a physical membership, a client can feel tied to the brand and its business, as well as more appreciated and welcomed there.

This will result in the customer feeling more comfortable with conducting business with the brand and remaining a valuable asset to the consumer base. In terms of investment, it’s not very demanding to have lintechtt make you membership cards which can be given to customers which become members.

Keep them posted

The worst thing that a business can do is keep their customers in the dark. No matter how much they’d want to, customers can’t invest in the brand if they don’t know what’s going on or what they have the possibility to buy. Using easy and efficient platforms like social media, companies can keep customers informed about the latest offers and deals.

A company app can also fulfill this role in a successful manner, leading to customers being constantly updated through Push notifications. Since mobile phones never leave our sight, it’s safe to assume that those who would download the app and give their consent to receive Push notification would instantly learn about the latest deals and offers, as soon as the promotional content goes out.

Social media is also invaluable because it’s a place that people of all ages and preferences visit daily. There’s virtually no better place for marketing campaigns at the moment, and the fact that you can get away with it for pretty much free is a very important benefit.

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