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Today is National Toast Day: Here are some fun facts about toast

23rd Feb 17 1:44 pm

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It’s National Toast Day but do you know any of these interesting facts?

  • The history of toast is thought to date back as far as 30,000 years ago, according to archaeological evidence. It is thought that it originates from the Egyptians.
  • A trencher was a piece of stale bread that food was once served on in medieval times. Once the trencher had soaked up the juices of the meal only then could it be eaten. Bread was considered so important that it made up the table setting. 
  • Bread was sometimes used as an offering to the gods in Ancient Greece. As well as being a staple food.
  • White bread used to be a rich man’s food, while whole wheat was only for the poor, whereas today whole grain is generally more expensive.
  • Why does buttered toast, always land butterside down? This “buttered toast” phenomenon is the fact of when the toast slips out of one’s hand, your hand is already at an angle. Therefore, the toast only does a half turn from your hand, most likely no higher than 6 feet meaning it nearly always results landing butterside down. This was first published in the New York Magazine back in 1835

Toast by Mark

Source: LLB Staff

French toast dates to ancient Rome and the medieval times. They used old bread that moistened with the foods juices and heated it so it became edible, eggs were added for protein. In France it is known as pain perdu or amerite, meaning lost bread. National French toast day is on November 28.

French toast is traditionally eaten in Scotland with sausage between two slices of toast and is eaten as a sandwich.

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