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Tips to boost your credit score quick

3rd May 18 2:02 pm

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You are here because you need to boost your credit score fast, right? As credit scores show your past payment behavior towards your credit or debts, you need to improve it quickly if you expect to need finances in months to come.

If your current credit score is high enough to get credit application approved, you need to take initial steps to raise credit score quickly.

Below we have proven tips to boost your credit score quick that you can take up right now.

Minimize credit card debt

Eliminating or minimizing the credit card debt is one of the best tips to boost credit score quickly. Since 30% of your credit score is based on the sum of credit card debts, you can quickly improve them by eliminating the debt caused by credit card.

After reducing your credit card debts, you will see a sure raise in your credit scores incredibly.

Make payments on time

Late payments or partial payments cannot help you improve your credit scores. Always be on time and pay your credit card bills when due in order to boost credit score. You have to improve payment patterns if you are always late to pay your bills because it can harm your overall credit history.

As your creditors (bank or financial institute) only report your balances to the credit departments once per month, depending on when your balances (late or partial payments) are reported, you may come into view to as a riskier borrower than you are. That’s why, always try to pay full and on time in order to prevent troubles in future.

Rapid Re-Scoring can also work

Rapid re-scoring can be one of the best ways to improve your credit score. The trick can work if there is flawed information on your credit reports, or reports are still showing the old data. Mortgage lenders can get benefits from rapid re-scoring in order to raise credit score fast.

For instance, if you are applying for a mortgage loan but faulty details are shown on your credit reports, your potential lender can reach the authorities or credit department with proper documentation with a request to immediately update your credit scores based on accurate provided figures.

They will only improve the credit score if the documents and provided figures are accurate and valid as well.

Add rental payment history in credit files

If you don’t own a residence and struggling with credit scores, you can simply raise your credit scores by adding rental payment details in credit files. You should only do this if you are making rental payments on time. If your rental history is also showing that you don’t pay on time, it will damage your credit strength instead of improving.

Repair your credit

Repairing your credit can be a great way to boost your credit score quickly as it enables you to pay off your debts as soon as possible. Whether you want to improve credit score for your small business, company or for personal reasons, credit repair has always been important for variety of reasons and getting short term loan in future can be one of them as money lenders always rely on your credit scores to determine your loan repayment potency.

Hiring professionals’ help can also be the best way to repair your credit as you can read full Lexington Law review to understand how experienced they are in getting clients’ credit score back on track.

Apply for credit limit expansion

You can ask your current credit card issuer to extend your credit limit in order to improve credit scores. Amazed how it can help?

Just like getting a new credit card will lower the consumption of credit you’re using compared to how much you can use (credit limit), extending your credit limit for the existing card will do the same. By getting your credit limit larger than before, you will spend the same as compare to the recent months but it will show that you still have more credit to use that will definitely help you raise credit score without doing anything else.

Check your credit report for errors

Inaccuracy or errors in your credit reports can cause lower or bad credit scores. For example, if the clerical staff has added 50 credit points in your report instead of 5, it will show that you are a riskier borrower. But you can get such errors fixed by authorities as soon as possible after checking your credit reports.

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