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Three proven ways to increase employee productivity on small business in 2019

by John Saunders
19th Apr 19 9:54 am

Employee productivity is extremely important for every business, especially small businesses. I mean, you need water, food and shelter to survive, right? Apply the same logic when you’re a business, you need productive and engaged employees to survive. That’s why measuring and improving employee productivity in the workplace is important. But how do you get there? How do you ensure you can increase employee productivity? Maybe it sounds complicated, but it isn’t! Apply any of these 3 tips today and watch the results as they pour in.

These are the 3 proven ways to increase employee productivity:

1. Equip all employees with the most advanced tools. Connecteam’s employee time tracking app is a smart way to monitor work hours. How so? Well Connecteam makes it easy to track time on jobs, tasks, projects, customers or anything else that makes sense. It’s also super easy to add tags for multiple employees when they clock in and out, plus a GPS stamp is added. Connecteam also has automatic live insights and analytics so you are always on top of your employee time tracking.

The time tracking app also allows for shift attachments in order to employees to clock in – use free text or a drop-down list to enter information like mileage, use of materials or equipment, customer name, notes and more. Everything is seamlessly documented in your employee timesheet which you can quickly export or integrate with Quickbooks Online. Connecteam is available at a fixed monthly price for up to 200 users, starting at $29 and ranging to $72. Start your free 21 day trial today!

An additional recommended tool is Slack, the perfect solution for communication between employees in an office setting. Chat through channels, which are further organized by project, topic, team, or whatever else is necessary for your business. Easily search for conversations so you can always be in the know and find information when needed. Slack is well known for its integration capabilities! Slack has three pricing plans: free, standard at $6.67/per user/month or plus at $12.50/per user/month.

2. Improve employee skills with training. Research has proven that training employees improves their productivity. Having programs that focus on both short-term and long-term abilities helps employees achieve skills, ability, and also knowledge about their responsibilities. The research conducted concluded the following, “Employees cited that they were able to develop inner satisfaction, received positive evaluation feedback, understood how to achieve a quality output, and developed career beyond classwork.”

3. Encourage employees at any level to care for their mental, physical and emotional health. Studies have shown that 40% of workers report their job is very or extremely stressful. That same study showed that 80% of workers feel stress on the job, while almost half admit they need help in learning how to manage stress, plus 42% claim their coworkers need such help as well. If you have a stressful workplace, you won’t see the results you and your customers want and deserve. Highly stressful environments will only cause employees to be less productive and unhappy – neither party wants that to be the case. So how can you help?

You must create a healthy, communicative company culture by: listening to employees, offer constructive feedback, give employees meaningful work, and establish clear metrics for success. And don’t just tell your employees this, show them too as they will learn by example. Everyone in the company should value things such as good sleep, healthy work-life balance, and including time for exercise and relaxation.

Time and time again, it has become crystal clear happy, engaged employees are more efficient. And no, you don’t need to dish out thousands of dollars to accomplish this, simply think back to when you were once in their shoes. The saying, “treat others how you want to be treated” is gold here. Start by enacting the 3 tips we outlined above and watch as your employee’s productivity takes a turn for the positive.

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