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Three high potential real estate investment opportunities near London

by Sarah Dunsby
16th Aug 18 4:01 pm

2018 has been an exciting year so far, especially if you look at the current real estate trends. The price drop has helped many first buyers buy their first property. Speaking of which, we are going to name the three most valuable areas around London.

These areas are an excellent investment opportunity. Yes, all three of these areas offer excellent job opportunities, travel links, and other benefits.


Slough is a well-connected area in the Thames Valley. According to a Recent survey, Slough and adjoining areas thrive on more than 4,500 businesses. These businesses have conglomerates like Unilever, Honda, and O2. Transportation is good, and it will become even better when the Crossrail Construction finishes.

The Crossrail intends to slash travel time between Slough and important London Stations like Liverpool Street, and Canary Wharf. Therefore, this area attracts young professionals who can’t afford to live in The London City.

More people rent out homes in Slough with tenants quickly moving in. If you want to invest in property, you might want to consider Slough because of its enormous potential.


Stevenage is another commuter town of London. It is among the most valuable areas as the property value has increased more than 59% in the last few years. The proximity to London makes it an affordable option. The Real Estate Prices in London is beyond most buyer’s budget.  It is a prime reason why most people prefer to buy property in areas with easy commuting distance.

There is a direct train from Stevenage to King’s Cross Station that only takes 26 minutes. The area has seen more improvement and is now the home to Google’s £1bn HQ. The area has become better connected as Northern Railway Line is extended to connect with Stevenage and other Stations in London including London Bridge and Farringdon.  These projects will increase the real estate value of Stevenage.

If you are looking to invest in property in or near London, Stevenage is perfect for you. The area has excellent potential and reasonably priced. If money is an issue, try a financing option like refinance a home loan – iSelect and get the assistance you need to invest in a valuable property.

London Borough of Redbridge

Central London is unaffordable for more than half of London’s residents. The sky-high prices promoted people to move to other boroughs, and this brings Redbridge in the spotlight. The leafy suburban including Woodford is quite famous for its parks, schools, and excellent transport links.

Moreover, these areas came under the spotlight when a survey including asking London’s Residents how satisfied they are with their lives was carried out, and Redbridge had the most satisfied residents. Recent research shows that Central Line has the best investment opportunities as it connects to almost every station in Redbridge. The demand for property in Borough is soaring, and the area has seen an incredible increase of 20% in property value in the last few years.  This rise makes Redbridge one of the most valuable areas in London.

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