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Three amazing gadgets invented by students

by John Saunders
18th Nov 20 5:26 pm

College is a pretty busy time in one’s life. Students rarely have a spare hour to take care of their assignments let alone side activities. Still, some try to push their limits and sneak in a personal project or two. The results can be very interesting. And some have a tremendous potential to grow into successful commercial startups.

These personal projects are a great starting point for your future career. And there is plenty of proof out there. Even though you are bombarded with endless assignments – college is just as good of a time to start working towards your dreams as any. So, if you still need some inspiration – here are some of the most amazing gadgets invented by students.

Child safety

This device is a relatively simple one. It’s a high-school student project that takes a really interesting shot at solving a real problem. Using nothing but a bunch of sensors and some pretty basic software they managed to provide an outstanding solution. It can potentially save the life of a child in an overheating car.

This solution has rightfully earned them the Betty A. Lowe MD award. But even such a simple device requires plenty of effort and time put into it.

These resources are very hard to come by and even harder to spare. Especially when you are completely focused on studying. In order to make enough time to maintain a side project, you will need the study help site you can get to take care of all your deadlines quickly and efficiently.

Of course, this child safety device is but a prototype. It will need a lot of improvement before it can become a viable product. But what it lacks as a complete business idea it makes up as a proof of concept.

Even a high schooler can come up with a perfectly functional gadget to solve a serious problem. And that in and of itself is already a great achievement.

Motion energy

Students have a serious advantage over big companies. They are way more likely to work for the greater good rather than money. That’s why a lot of the projects they design tend to focus on solving global issues. And there is no shortage of global problems today.

A quest for a reliable source of renewable energy is currently one of the most popular issues on many researchers’ minds. This specific issue was exactly what inspired a group of Brazilian students to spring to action.

  • When we think of available modern sources of renewable energy today the list is actually pretty short
  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydro energy
  • Geothermal energy

In actuality, almost anything could be used as a source of energy. Anything you do requires spending some inner reserves, even, say, simply walking on the street. Converting some of the energy you spend into electricity seems like a logical idea. And this one is too good to pass.

That’s exactly what this group of students tried to do. The device they created for a science fair is a perfectly functional if a bit unpolished prototype. It has all the potential to become a source of additional power for the whole planet in the future. Of course, their concept wasn’t unique. But the attempt was another tiny step towards a secure future of the planet’s energy reserves.

Steth IO

Just because students lack the experience and in-depth knowledge doesn’t mean they can’t try their luck in the more complicated fields such as medicine.

On the contrary – a new approach may be just the thing the industry needs. This particular gadget invented by a humble student Suman Mulumudi takes one of the most iconic attributes of a medical professional. We are talking about a stethoscope. And it takes it up to a level appropriate for the 21st century.

So what does this device do? Steth IO actually creates a bridge that connects a piece of old medical equipment to modern devices. It is basically a new type of stethoscope that works in tandem with your smartphone.

This allows for the use of various apps to quickly digitise the data and make the life of medical professionals much easier during physical exams.

Instant digitalisation of the received data creates a tremendous potential for a variety of interesting uses. Once the technology is perfected patients could perform basic examinations on themselves without the need to have a doctor physically present. The data that is received, organised, and analysed by the app can be shared with your physician.

The benefits of technological progress are something that the medical field could benefit from more than any other sphere. But just like any giant system, it is rather slow to change.

Regular pushes for modernisation is just the thing it needs. People all over the world can benefit from medical practices becoming more flexible and open to innovation. Students are one of the best mediums to get this process underway.

Final words

College is not just a place for studying. It is also a hub for the new generation of eager and very promising professionals to come together and share their ideas with each other

This makes it one of the best places to start networking. Plenty of successful ideas were conceived in the college dorms or at student parties. So, you’d better look around you. The people that you go to classes with may very well be your future business partners

Don’t delay acting on your ideas. You might think that in order to start a big project you need extensive experience. Or that in order to make your crazy concept work you have to become a renowned expert in your field

In reality, the position of a college student provides one of the best starting points for these sorts of projects. So don’t be afraid to take risks. Actively work towards your goals and chances are you will see them fulfilled very soon.

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