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Things to consider before sending a card-to-card transfer online

by Sarah Dunsby
3rd Jul 23 9:43 am

From paying for rent or covering the cost of products and services, there are several reasons why people send money from card to card. Instead of visiting a local bank office, it is much more convenient and faster to proceed with card to card transfer online. To gain the most of this experience though, it is better to analyse the process in more detail and see what benefits third-party solutions like Profee can bring. Let’s roll straight into the topic!

How to personalise your banking life

Thanks to mobile and online banking formats, when you can make a transaction in seconds at home in literally any part of the world, your financial relationships can surely become advanced. However, instead of going for traditional methods like wire transfers for international card-to-card transactions, you are welcome to conduct a little market research and locate more advantageous offers — you shouldn’t restrict your range of opportunities to standard Mastercard and Visa support:

  • Tax clearance and fees — this parameter is especially crucial for international transactions, which defines how much the service costs and whether they are entitled to spare it. It is also recommended to check whether the target service provider has fixed or percentage-based fees to charge before making a money transfer.
  • Security — take into account what standards and regulations the chosen service provider complies with. In the case of transferring money anywhere in Europe, such a company has to cater to EU regulations.
  • Exchange rates — since these differ from company to company, even a small discount can save you tons of money on big transactions from card to card, especially abroad.

How to send money online: Profee case

You won’t succeed without the aid of a dependable third party. Although services like Visa and Mastercard are the first answers to the call, the variety of multifunctional tools is definitely worth considering. With the help of Profee, you can change your view on card-to-card transactions. They can be a way more pleasant and hassle-free experience.

Here are some reasons why Profee stands out among several offers in the online banking industry:

  • Its level of security is second to none. With no breaches in its performance, this company ensures your money is delivered to the target recipient safely and literally in an instant. Among the backup tools, there are Tie r4 data centers and PCI-DSS-oriented data protection standards.
  • Contrary to wire transfers, Profee guarantees absolute customer satisfaction — you don’t have to sacrifice the speed of delivery for the overall performance. This alternative to traditional international banking provides high-end card-to-card transfers in Europe and follows EU regulations.

Wrap it up

As you see, despite your dependence on the performance of third-party solutions in the market, you can still personalise and improve your experience. With reliable providers like Profee, you don’t have to worry about skyrocketing fees or long operation times — even international transactions take minutes to be completed. By conducting a more in-depth market research, it is easier to understand how this system works and find more suitable decisions for your purpose.

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