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The top London sectors developing job growth

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30th Sep 21 9:53 am

London is a big city with a lot of job opportunities. One of the things that makes London such an attractive place to live and work in is its ability to offer many different types of careers. Moreover, amid the COVID19 pandemic, London has seen a massive surge in the number of opportunities for a few sectors. It is evident that many people have lost their jobs in the pandemic also.

Now with the increasing demand in various sectors, people can get employment again. So, what are some of the most popular jobs for people who live in London? Which industries are growing rapidly? This article will briefly answer these questions and provide you with detailed information on the current job trends.

Digital marketing

For starters, one of the most growing sectors is digital marketing. This can be a great way to get started for people who want to be involved in advertising or public relations. If you are passionate about social media and technology, you might enjoy working in this field. There are many opportunities for marketers all around London.

There is a huge demand for digital marketers because most companies are trying to revamp their social media presence. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., spend millions on advertisements per year. Now you can imagine that there is a lot of work for people in digital marketing.

So, if you are interested in digital marketing, there is no better time to start than now. You can choose any job profile like content creator, content writer, content strategist, digital marketing manager, digital marketing analyst, etc.

Mental health

As the COVID19 pandemic increased, more people started getting afflicted with mental weaknesses like depression or anxiety. Therefore, companies hired many therapists and psychiatrists to help individuals with their conditions.

Now that the pandemic has passed, this is still one of the most thriving sectors in London. Also, owing to increasing cases of autism among children, more special schools are hiring teachers who can teach kids on the spectrum. Not only therapists and psychiatrists are needed, but there is also a great demand for consultants who specialise in employment for people with disabilities.

Therefore, if you obtain the required qualification, it is the best time to apply for jobs in the mental health sector. If you are someone who has completed graduation and has no job experience, you can start with the post of medical assistant.


Another growing sector in London is veterinary science. Even though people got affected by COVID19, they still wanted to keep their pets safe and healthy. Additionally, due to the pandemic, many people had to leave their pets behind. It led to more animals being abandoned all over the city.

During the pandemic, vets played an important role, and most professionals provided medical facilities at home. This is the dedication level in the medical sector. Moreover, no matter how many medical advancements occur, people still need to visit vets regularly to make sure their pets are healthy. All of this leads to growth in veterinary science. The practices are actively creating locum vet nurse and surgeon jobs, as with the pandemic, they need more staff.

Today, the demand in this sector has increased manifold in London. People are even shifting their careers to veterinary because of bigger job prospects. The industry revenue is estimated to rise by 9.7% this year. Therefore, the best time to start your practice.

Software engineering

One of the most growing sectors in London is software engineering. The role of software engineers has increased exponentially over the past few years. Moreover, you can earn good money in this field because there are many job opportunities for this profession around London.

As mentioned before, new technologies have made it easier for people to work from home, which means more employees are needed to work on these new technologies. So, companies created many job profiles like software engineering specialists, back-end developers, reliability engineers, etc. Moreover, the demand for software engineers with advanced skills in AI (Artificial Intelligence) is at the top of the desired employer list of many companies.

Furthermore, London has a valuation of £1 billion regarding the private sectors and unicorn start-ups. Also, many big tech companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Google, and Amazon have established office centres in London. These tech companies and many other tech companies are exploring great talent in the city.

Human resources

An interesting sector that has seen a growing demand is human resources. Surprisingly, not only do companies need HR professionals for their main office, but they also need them in many branches across London.

For example, if a company has five offices in and around London and each office employs at least ten people, this means London based HR jobs  are posted . Even if each company has only three to four offices in London, there is still a significant demand for these professionals because companies often require their employees to relocate to different branches.

Moreover, many London organisations prefer to hire HR specialists for their main office so that they can adapt and expand to flexible and agile working. In this way, the companies prepare HRs to train their employees from scratch and teach them about their products.

Companies are trying to attract and retain the best talent through various employment drives. These drives have created the demand for HRs working in graduate and lateral recruitment, learning and development, compensation, and regulatory and benefits. Further, the overall growth and stability in the economy of London are going to create additional demand for HR professionals over the coming years.

Overall, there is a huge demand for HR professionals all over London. This means that it will be challenging to find a job in this industry unless you have at least a bachelor’s degree. Also, once you have a job in this industry, there is a high chance of growth in your career.

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