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The top 4 challenges of job hunting in London

6th Jun 18 12:25 pm

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Brexit is dominating headlines and thoughts across the United Kingdom, with politicians and business leaders paying particular interest to what may lie ahead. There seems little doubt, however, that our vibrant capital city will continue to grow and thrive and that London, as ever, will be open to business. That’s one reason why so many people head to London in search of a rewarding career, but whilst the job market in London continues to be healthy, there is also huge competition for jobs of all kinds. Here are the top four challenges for job hunters in London, along with our suggestions on how to overcome them.

There’s too much competition for the job you want

Ambition is the key to succeeding in work and in life, but it has to be tempered with a little realism too. The most prestigious and best paid jobs are the ones with the fiercest competition to secure them, so if you’re new to the job market, or have yet to prove your abilities over an extended period of time, applying for them could be futile. That’s why London job seekers have to be prepared to take a job lower down the pay scale than they may have initially hoped in order to enter upon a career that could be highly lucrative in the future. Think long term when applying for jobs and be ready to put in the hard work and dedication that will be needed to work your way up to where you eventually want to be.

Not having experience in your field

New graduates can find it particularly hard to secure a job in a field of their choice, which can be dispiriting when they’ve studied so hard to obtain their degree. One stumbling block that many new graduates encounter is that employers not only want qualifications, they want experience too. It can seem like a catch 22 situation, but voluntary work and internships can help you break through the barrier. Work of any kind as a student will show potential employees that you have many of the transferable skills they’re looking for, but voluntary work and unpaid internships within your chosen sector can provide you with the specialist skills that can make you stand out from the crowd. Working for nothing for a short period can seem counter-intuitive, but if you have the financial support to be able to do this, it can eventually pay dividends.

Not knowing where to find expert help

The London job market is vast, vibrant and ever changing, so it can be hard to keep up with all the latest opportunities that exist. That’s why it makes sense to get expert help from recruitment consultants who operate in London. Even so, with so many consultants and agencies to choose from, your options may seem confusing, but online specialists such as Job Nexus can help you find the best help in the shortest time possible. They ensure that your CV and profile reaches the right recruiters for the job that you really want to do, and this means that a task that could take hours or days if you did it yourself can actually be completed in a matter of minutes. It can be a shortcut to landing your dream job in London, and it can also help you to build a relationship with leading recruiters who could prove vital to your future career.

Not having the funds to support your London job search

If you’ve been searching unsuccessfully for a job in London for a long time, it can be disheartening, and the financial impact of not having a job can also be felt keenly if you’re living in or near Europe’s fourth most expensive city. One way to combat this is to become a self-employed freelance worker. This may seem a daunting prospect at first, and it doesn’t come with the security associated with a full-time position of employment, but it does provide the potential to make money out of the skills and talents you already have. Freelancers work in many areas, from writing and editing, to graphic design, translation, web design and marketing, so if you’re particularly skilled in any of these areas, it could be a smart choice. You’ll need to have an impressive portfolio showcasing exactly what you can do, but even if you decide against a full-time career as a freelancer, it can supply extra funds which can help you sustain your job search.

When looking for a job in London, it’s vitally important to keep positive and keep searching. Whilst it may seem challenging at first, gaining the right experience via internships or voluntary work and being prepared to start at a lower level and work your way up can give you an advantage over other applicants. Expert help is also available from recruitment specialists online and in the high street and taken together, these factors can soon turn the odds of finding a great job in your favour.

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