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The technology of our time

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25th Feb 19 2:59 pm

AI has long been a buzzword that has lent itself to endless speculations of how it will affect the world as we know it. Our understanding of AI has already shifted dramatically. Instead of only associating it with futuristic robots taking over our jobs, we have come to understand that it is a powerful tool that can actually assist us in nearly every aspect of life. The technology of AI is predicted to become one of the most significant technologies of our time.

In order to keep up with other countries that are leading the development of this technology such as China and the U.S., the British Government has recently announced its plan to fund thousands of postgraduate students that want to study artificial intelligence.

The technology of AI will have a huge impact across many sectors. As such, it is vital that we not only invest in the advancements it has come with to date but also in getting the talent of tomorrow that can continue to advance this technology further.

 AI implementation across different industries

AI has already begun to transform different industries. One of the main ones is the healthcare industry where AI technology has started to assist with AI-driven diagnostics as well as giving support during medical procedures and anesthesia delivery. Other sectors that are being affected include the finance, education and transportation industries.

As it is starting to become more common for companies to advance with the use of AI, it’s is also becoming increasingly popular to invest in them. When looking to invest in AI stocks it is vital to learn about the long-term prospects it can have across the different industries to know which area is right for you. With AI assisting with improving both patient care and recently even the discovery of new drugs these could be examples of prosperous stocks.

Another area of AI stocks that is looking promising is the Natural Language Processing. NLP has now become an essential tool for businesses. AI is used in chatbots, language translation and voice-activated platforms. Advancement of AI in NLP technology will continue to grow due to its rising popularity in companies and as such these stocks could become profitable over the coming years.

Making AI ethical

The technology of AI is developing rapidly and it is increasingly common for companies to incorporate it and place us in the hands of algorithms. As it continues to grow, we are likely to see regulations where companies will be held accountable for decisions made by the AIs they use and employ.

We are likely to witness more of an emphasis directed at eliminating unfairness in the automatic decisions taken by AI systems so far. The goal will be to make it an ethically acceptable technology which will be more sustainable and therefore the central point of AI may shift from intelligence to empathy. Having an ethical approach in the development of AI will help create a long-term idea of the values we need to see reflected in this technology which will create public confidence once AI will reflect those values.

A future where we collectively integrate AI into day to day life will prove to be highly valuable and this technology has the potential to truly amplify human capabilities when done right. The ways it could reshape the world we know today is hard to predict in full, but it is likely to have a massive impact just like the printing press and the internet had at their inceptions.

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