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The price of Bitcoin is declining, with expected gains of up to 8,000% for new cryptocurrencies

by Rania Gule, Market Analyst at XS.com
19th Sep 23 10:29 am

The price of Bitcoin had risen earlier yesterday to over $27,400, its highest level since late August. However, it quickly plummeted and is currently trading at $26,819 at the start of trading on Tuesday. The price dropped by approximately 2% in a matter of minutes, reaching $26,700. Bitcoin is still up by about 0.8% over the past 24 hours.

Among the standout Cryptocurrencies, today are Solana’s SOL, Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which have risen by 3% to 4%. The original Chain-link token, LINK, has also surged by almost 8% today amid new partnerships with traditional financial institutions.

In my view, the sudden price drop has raised concerns among some Cryptocurrency derivatives traders, as they liquidated nearly $100 million worth of leveraged positions in the past 24 hours. Short sellers who attempted to profit from the price decline incurred losses of $60 million, while those who bet on price increases suffered losses of $40 million.

Currently, I believe that Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Pepe Coin (PEPE) are strong Cryptocurrencies, attracting investors worldwide. Meanwhile, the broader Cryptocurrency market is gearing up for what analysts call the “altcoin season,” where meme coins emerge as strong contenders in the markets, poised for significant price increases.

This comes after the new project Qubeta (QUBE) has taken the lead among those interested in Crypto markets, generating significant buzz with its upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) expected to see astonishing gains of up to 8000%. It is a pioneer in the encrypted artificial intelligence revolution, aiming to bridge the gap between emerging AI companies and enthusiastic investors.

I believe that such a project will create price waves in the world of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. This innovative project offers the first crowdfunding platform for cryptocurrencies that facilitates fractional investments in emerging AI companies using QUBE tokens, an ERC20 deflationary token. The project aims to be the best cryptocurrency investment platform, revolutionizing how emerging AI companies raise funds and interact with their community with ease and security.

In my opinion, QUBE tokens are the best cryptocurrency to buy in the AI sector. Every investment opportunity in NFTs is recorded and divided, allowing investors to participate based on their budget while enjoying early support benefits. Here, its NFT market is on the verge of a potential 8000% rise, enabling emerging AI companies to raise funds and offer reward-based NFTs and shares. QUBE token holders will also have easy access to projects they believe in, creating a symbiotic ecosystem that benefits both sides easily and securely.

I consider it an attractive investment opportunity as this currency functions as a governance token, giving holders a say in the decision-making processes in the ecosystem. This democratic approach allows for proposals, discussions, and voting on InQubeta’s development aspects and future direction. With this feature, experts expect the value of QUBE to rise, attracting influential individuals and companies seeking the best cryptocurrency investment for a substantial profit.

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