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The nation’s most dangerous jobs that pay less than the UK average

by LLB staff reporter
11th May 23 10:38 am

The latest research by tax specialists, RIFT Tax Refunds, has revealed that while some of Britain’s most dangerous jobs offer an average earnings some 136% above the UK average, no less than 19 provide a pay cheque below the national benchmark. 

RIFT Tax Refunds analysed 30 of the nation’s most dangerous professions to see how the average level of pay for these risky career paths compares to the national average UK income of £33,402. 

The research shows that, on average, those working in one of the most dangerous professions will take home an average of £31,330 per year, -6% less than the wider UK average earnings. In terms of the job roles that rank top for danger, it’s paramedics who sit top of the table with a score of 19.3, followed by firefighters, oil platform workers, deckhands and nurses. 

However, when it comes to the most dangerous jobs earning the most for putting their life on the line, it’s surgeons that rank top. With an average annual income of £78,784, a surgeon’s annual income is some 136% higher than the national average. 

Large animal vets sit second, earning an average of £44,662 a year, 34% more than the UK average, while civil engineers complete the top three with an annual income (£42,622) some 31% higher than the UK average

Paramedics (26%), police officers (18%), scaffolders (12%), mental health carers (11%), HGV drivers (6%), crane operators (6%), electricians (3%) and commercial drivers (2%) also come in above the UK average when it comes to their annual pay. 

However, not all jobs with a heightened degree of danger pay above the odds for those performing them. In fact, 19 of the 30 analysed by RIFT Tax Refunds offer a lower rate of pay than the UK average.

While farmers rank as the ninth most dangerous job with a score of 12.3, the average earnings of £19,807 is -41% less than the average UK salary. 

Bin workers (-36%), taxi drivers (-35%), forklift drivers (-31%), industrial cleaners (-30%), door staff (-30%), welders (-18%), tree surgeons (-17%), quarry workers (-17%) and roofers (-17%) also rank amongst the ten worst paid, most dangerous jobs you can do. 

Bradley Post, MD of RIFT Tax Refunds, said, “Whether it’s the working environment, the task at hand, or a combination of both, the most dangerous jobs in the nation cover a wider array of sectors and skills. 

“For the large part, taking on one of these more death defying career paths will see you earn above average for your trouble, but a heightened sense of danger doesn’t guarantee a higher wage. 

“So spare a thought for those who are not only tackling the cost of living crisis, but are doing so while risking their own lives in the process.” 

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