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The most used dating apps

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19th Oct 22 10:33 am

The dating app market has grown a lot since the very first dating site was launched in 1995. With its 27-year history, you can be sure that you’ll find a dating app that works for you, regardless of what your purpose for getting on these sites are. But of the hundreds of dating apps out there, there are a few that manage to appeal to the general public, making them a lot more popular than the others.

That said, picking a most popular or most used dating app is not as straightforward as just naming one. For instance, depending on where you’re reading this from, your mind probably immediately went to Tinder when you read the “most used dating app”. And you wouldn’t exactly be wrong because Tinder is actually the most used dating app in the United States.

Since Tinder was launched in 2013, it has had a chokehold on the dating app market in the US, even revolutionizing the online dating industry in that area.

Where sites like Match.com (the first ever dating site) were more about finding the love of your life, Tinder, with its quick swipe feature based on how attractive you think a person is, made the online dating scene quicker and, maybe, shallower.

However, while Tinder is unarguably king in the US, Badoo has the entire Europe and Asia market. Badoo has gone through a number of evolutions, even serving as a social game and quiz app. However, as a dating app, it is the most downloaded in the world, even though it has not been able to penetrate the US market.

Badoo has over 400 million registered users, which makes sense looking at how it has prominence in two different continents. Also, where Tinder managed about 13 million unique visitors in January of 2022, Badoo recorded close to 30 million organic visitors. So, Badoo is, without a doubt, the most used dating app right now.

However, there is another app that is worth mentioning in this discussion, and that is Bumble.

Bumble isn’t exactly a new dating app, but it was launched later than the other two apps mentioned and is already competing favorably with both of them.

One of the reasons that Bumble is special is that it kind of puts women in charge by allowing them to be the ones to initiate the conversation. However, that’s not the reason it is here.

Bumble is currently doing what Badoo has been unable to do for years now; giving Tinder a run for its money in the US. What’s more, Bumble is currently the most popular app amongst paying customers in the US. Of the entire paying population that makes use of dating apps in the US, about 36% of them are on Bumble and it looks like that percentage will only continue to grow!

Considering how things are constantly evolving year after year, it would be interesting to see if any new dating apps would be competing with these ones any time soon.

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