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The Mili-brand interview – Brand becomes a Miliband fan

by LLB Reporter
29th Apr 15 3:18 pm

The highlight of Ed Miliband’s interview in Russell Brand’s kitchen was the Labour leader’s fluctuating accent.

In the 15-minute clip, Miliband is heard saying “it ain’t going to be like that” several times. He also went on to say that he’s “not ‘ere to be edgy”.

Brand interviewed Milband in his £2m Shoreditch home and a clip was published on his YouTube channel ‘The Trews’.

There was a lot of finger-pointing at HSBC, Rupert Murdoch and of course the Tories.

Miliband said, “You don’t want a politician saying ‘vote for me and on day one the world is transformed’. It ain’t gonna be like that, it ain’t gonna be like that.

“Change is hard, change takes time and I’m not being a civil servant, I’m just saying that that is the reality.”

The interview ended with Brand saying Miliband understands “the way the media works”.

He said: “We learned a lot about Labour and a lot about Ed Miliband. I found it a very interesting experience. It says a lot about Ed Miliband – he understands the way the media works now, the way the country feels that he was prepared to come round here and talk to us.”

Watch the full interview here:


David Cameron dismissed Miliband’s visit to Brand’s house as a waste of time, saying he “hasn’t got time to hang around with Russell Brand”, adding the comedian “is a joke”.

Strong words coming from a man who was “interviewed” just last month, by luminaries such as TV’s Charlotte Crosby from hit show Geordie Shore, who was sitting on the loo, and asked the prime minister what he’d save from Number 10 if it was on fire. We’re not making it up. Click here to watch the excruciating video.

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