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The CBI responds to the EU negotiating principles

29th Apr 17 5:31 pm

Here’s what the CBI had to say

The CBI has responded to the publication of the European Union’s guidelines for the Brexit negotiations laid out in Saturday’s EU summit leader meeting.

Paul Drechsler of the CBE, CBI President, said Saturday: “Businesses across Europe will now want to see talks quickly gather some positive momentum early on.”

“With well over 600 billion euros worth of trade every year between the UK and EU, the economic case for making rapid progress on a trade agreement is crystal clear. Discussions around the new trading relationship should begin as soon as possible to deliver certainty and clarity for businesses on both sides.”

“Both sides should seek to secure agreement on the rights of EU citizens in the UK and vice-versa within weeks, and also commit to interim arrangements up-front, should negotiations not be fully concluded within two years.”

“With unprecedented and hugely complex negotiations ahead, economic arguments must cut through the politics so that we can secure an outcome that delivers prosperity for all countries involved.”

“The first big job for the new Government here in the UK will be to provide confidence to business that a strong, long-term relationship can be secured and that economies and societies on both sides of the Channel can continue to benefit from economic growth and provide greater opportunities of prosperity for all.”

“To achieve the best possible relationship, business and government will need to work in stronger partnership than ever before. The CBI will continue to lead on behalf of British business, and work closely with European businesses and other allies. All parties involved in the talks should aim to now move forward with a constructive and collaborative approach.” 

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