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The best way to secure economic growth is to rejoin the EU, Rejoin EU Party says

by LLB Reporter
12th Oct 22 8:22 am

The best way to achieve economic growth is by re-joining the EU, not by wrecking the government bond market and putting people’s pensions and mortgages at risk, the Rejoin EU Party says.

And the ‘march for growth’ begins on Saturday October 22 – when thousands of people wanting a return to economic sanity will join the National Rejoin March in London.

Last week, the Tories’ latest Prime Minister Liz Truss – who bookies have tipped to potentially become Britain’s shortest-serving UK premier since George Canning in 1827 – lashed out at a so-called “anti-growth coalition” for apparently standing in the way of her lofty ambitions for growth, growth and more growth.

But far from laying solid economic foundations, Truss and her Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng instead caused market chaos with their ill-conceived plans for unfunded tax cuts, sparking Bank of England interventions in the gilt market and sending the pound into freefall.

The Rejoin EU Party and thousands of others preparing to attend the march on October 22 know the only real way to get serious growth is to re-join the EU.

Rejoin EU Party Leader Richard Hewison said: “We have a bitter winter coming up. Energy will be expensive & in short supply, many homeowners will face crippling mortgage charges and the level of the pound shows financial experts have no faith in Truss’s ability to address these issues.

“With a huge focus on growth, you couldn’t give a bigger boost to growth than re-joining the EU. This would instantly boost the economy by 4%, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility.

“On October 22nd, people from up and down the country will march to support the only solution to this economic disaster: restoring freedom of movement and re-joining the single market, the customs union and the EU. If Truss and other politicians still claiming they can ‘make Brexit work’ really want growth, they should join us.”

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