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The best brand name generator tools for 2019: productive assistants

by Sarah Dunsby
31st Oct 18 1:44 pm

Your domain name is your business card on the internet, not just the simple identification of your site on the web. It is the basis for brand building, which is important for startups and other projects.

“Brandable” is a short word that we seldom use in our everyday speech. Sometimes, this word is completely absent.

According to a study by eConsultansy, only 3% of e-commerce site’s traffic comes from social media, and 46% of the traffic comes from the brand’s friendly resources. Your domain is your brand, and that enhances traffic greatly.

Brand name generators: the basics

What is a brand name generator? It is a service that helps you to create a brandable domain by selecting catchy and meaningful words. There is no need to work for days on end or seek professional help. Instead, a smart-tool evaluates the keywords against the topics and generates a list of the potential brand names. But how do you choose the best business name generator and the perfect moniker from the list generated? Let’s find the answers.

Types of blog names

Sometimes, it is necessary to create a domain name for a blog. Should it be branded? Certainly. A blog needs traffic just like any e-commerce site or LP.

There are two types of domains: those including the keyword and those containing the name of the brand. It is highly recommended to use the second type to find a good name for your blog because SEO is rather changeable, and after a while, the keyword in the domain may not be relevant.

Pay close attention to your blog’s name, especially if you want to make a travel blog. A brandable name has higher chances of becoming popular than a simple name that’s hard to remember.

If you want to learn how to choose a great brandable name for a blog, then continue reading.

How to choose a great brand name

Besides using the best brand name generator tools for 2019, you must do some work to make sure the generator meets your needs.

  1.     Clarify the blast zone
  •      Nation (e.g., .uk, .eu): shows the location
  •      Public (e.g., .com, .org, .net): shows nothing
  •      Specific (e.g., .cool, .yoga, .dance): attracts the user’s attention to the type of activity

If the national domain is taken, you can choose a vacant public one. Specific zone blasts are great but pricey. National domains are preferable for e-commerce because search engines will refer the site to a certain region. You can get several domain zones at once, but you will pay for each of them.

  1.     Outline your target audience

Segment your audience according to the following criteria:

  •      Gender
  •      Nationality or location
  •      Age
  •      Occupation
  •      Fears and misgivings
  •      Interests and hobbies
  •      Desires, wishes, and dreams
  1.     Choose a technique
  •      Words
  •      Abbreviations
  •      First name + second name
  •      Neologisms

You can use brand generators to simplify all of these steps.

Top five brand name generators

Choose your favorite brand name generator to find a solution.


This business name generator spits out a list of combinations of the brand names you’ve entered with the other relevant words.


You can find the best domain name by choosing the category for the beginning and ending.


This generator delivers creative words and word combinations on the basis of an invented vocabulary.


This simple service combines your keywords with nouns, verbs, and adjectives from its list of available domains.


Shopify offers a cool brand name generator for creative ideas. This tool connects your keyword with the other words and allows you to check the availability of the domain name.

Do you use a different generator? Share it in the comments. Let’s make this article better together.

Check If the domain name Is available

Use another service if the brand name generator doesn’t offer the option to check the domain’s accessibility. For example, Instant Domain Search searches quickly while you type. It shows the domains for sale and expired ones to backorder. Another service is Name.com, which shows expiring, deleting, and premium domains. It also offers to shorten your URL if necessary. In general, any such service will help you find your perfect domain.

How to generate a brand Name: Rules and Restrictions

Here are the steps to take to make your brand domain name profitable:

  •      Make a list of words you don’t mind using and another list with safe words.
  •      Overhaul the words (nouns and verbs) that are directly related to the topic of your site.
  •      Write down the vocabulary that has an indirect bearing on your site.
  •      Make a list of relevant feelings and emotions.

Here are some things you shouldn’t do:

  •      Use double letters.
  •      Make deliberate errors.
  •      Use the multiple-meaning words
  •      Use domains of the second and the third levels and combine them to make one word.

Let’s sum up

The first step when building brand visibility is to create a brandable domain name. The best brand name generators online can make it fast to choose the most accurate variant that will work for you. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about it at all. Take into account the market and SEO trends to be unique but not senseless, notable but not repulsive, attractive but not trite.

If you found a good domain with our guide, share its name in the comments. Let’s find the best variant!


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